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Seattle, based in the capital state of Washington, is ever agog with visitors. It is on the expensive side and it helps if one avail discounted packages before heading here. Whether it is the hotel of stay or flights to pick, there are offers everywhere to boot. You may get a grip on the various vacation packages in line to ensure cheap travel.

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While getting the services of Priceline or Orbitz vacation package, you open yourself to a variety of hotels. There is Pan pacific that ensures quite a sum in saving. Grand Hyatt offers discounted spa and dining facilities at Chris's Steakhouse plus daily complimentary breakfast if you arrive in group.

Seattle has a shoreline and you may also look to book apartments or condos. These packages get you to stay there on a time-sharing basis for homely touch. You should however make your personal enquiries with the concerned owners about the place and whereabouts.

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You may be lucky enough if you bag a stay at the precious Edgewater Hotel, the only waterfront hotel in Seattle, Washington. There is no lack of travel deals here and you may get additional supplements like disco entries, musical opera tickets or spa sessions.

Hotels offer great discounts on various facilities and make you feel special. They are also willing to set up concierge for you. You may undertake biking tours or cycling trips, if only just for exercise. You may also take Caribbean cruises for 4 days or more, if you are on an extended trip. All this depends on your choice of company you have the deal with. Seattle is quite adventurous and has eclectic attractions like Woodland Park Zoo, Museum of Flight and Science Fiction Museum. It has its share of modernity and that reflects in its spate of hotels.

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How to Take Advantage of a Value Vacation Package from Hotel 1000 Seattle

If you want to see the best of the cultural blends and the best tourist's location, then Seattle in Washington is the place to be. There is so much in this city that not many people can afford to miss it all. However, you need a perfect place to stay and relax at after a tiresome and adventurous day in the streets of Seattle. Hotel 1000 Seattle is the place that you can look upon to. In this article, we will have a detailed look at the offerings of the Hotel 1000 Seattle.

Hotel 1000 Seattle, located at the Downtown area in Seattle is one of the best hotels in the city. It has won a number of awards including one from the renowned travel website expedia, where it was ranked as the 3rd best hotel in the world. It is known for its pocket friendly packages and visitor friendly services. The lists of offerings at the Hotel 1000 Seattle are unique and range from a large lush green golf club to the most exotic spa.

There are a number of packages that Hotel 1000 Seattle offers, such as "Snooze and Cruise" and "B and B with a Twist". With Snooze and Cruise, the hotel offers the most furnished rooms for a couple for two nights. The package also includes the most delicious offering from the BOKA kitchen at an affordable price of $249. B and B with a Twist is a cheaper alternative, as it costs only $269 for 2 night's stay for a couple and includes a lip licking breakfast and valet parking.

Effective Methods to Find the Fastest Ferry Service from Seattle to Victoria

Most tourists who plan a trip to the city of Seattle often consider a visit to Victoria, in British Columbia, another beautiful neighborhood destination.

The shortest distance between the two cities is 86 miles and it takes nearly half an hour to reach Victoria from Seattle by air. However, you can also take the ferry route which is extremely enjoyable.

The fastest ferry service from Seattle is through Victoria Clipper that goes to Victoria downtown and San Juan Islands. From there, you go for a city tour by Double Decker bus.

You can book a ticket to Victoria clipper through the internet. It is a smart idea to purchase a package in advance, which includes a ride to Victoria and San Juan Island, complimentary breakfast and free ride for children below the age of 12 years. However, these packages are non-refundable.

The other option is buying the ticket on the premises, which can be done during off-tourist season, as you can avoid the crowd, although you are not guaranteed the best seats. It takes around three hours to reach the San Juan Island and then Victoria. Till that time, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the water ride and have fun with your family and friends.

You will also get ferries from the Bellingham district in the northern part of Seattle. You will reach the Victoria Inner Harbor that is located in downtown Seattle. You can then take a trip to the city by car rental or bus. You should make all your bookings in advance, confirm the seating arrangement and also the departure timing and plan your trip accordingly.

Best Tactics to Make a Successful Residential Property Investment in Seattle Metro Area

Seattle metro area is one of the places that is fine to invest property for the reason that the city acquires great opportunity when it comes to jobs and schools. If you want to have a successful residential property investment it would be helpful if you acquire methods or tactics that will help you a lot.

The first thing that you need is to plan for the years that you want to pay the property. In doing this, always remember that the longer you plan to own a property the more you will expend to the repairs, improvements and the maintenance. So, it would be better that you have a shorter plan but you need to make sure that the preparation you obtain matches up to the budget that you contain to avoid money troubles.

Next to that is you need to search for a good location. You must choose for the one that is accessible to any manner of public transportation. You must also decide the space that you want that can fit your entire family on the area and be accommodated well. You need also to ensure that it has a safe neighborhood.

Furthermore, one of the popular tactics that you can employ is the Flipping. This is considered as a short term investment that will let you make at least 10%-20% investment on the price you brought it. Select for a residential single home that has a standard 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms configuration for the reason that this is easy to sell.

If you want to have a good investment in a residential property in Seattle Metro Area it would be better if you get the foreclosure one. But before you do this, you need to get the specific information of the property. You must have the updated listings of those properties that are recently completed for you to able to choose for a residential property that is well-run and are truly in the state of foreclosure.

How to Grab a Cheap Apartment Rental in Capitol Hill - The Most Densely Populated Neighborhood in Seattle

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. It is also one of the densely populated cities too. Considering the population spread across the city, most of the population is concentrated on the greater Seattle region, especially in and around Capitol Hill. There are around 4.6 million people in the greater region alone. Obviously, when talking about this many people and the job opportunities around, we will not be able see common rentals to be cheap. It is 8% above the average rent rates, here in the Capitol Hill.

So how can one find a cheap rental apartment here? Well, even though there are very rarely some situations occur and we get an apartment sold out for less rent, there are also some realtors who have good deals with the owners and this can give you some reasonable rates. There are many websites listing out the cheap apartments in the region. You can browse through the listing of every other realtor who is dealing with the Capitol Hill. Due to competition too, there are sometimes pretty low rates posted for an apartment. The realtors have their own fight over a place to sell in fast. You have to make sure it's cheap and it's also well suited for you before renting it out.

This occurrence is quite rare, but you can easily find the perfect rate suitable for you with just a wide open search from your side. Also keep a tab on the realtors who just post immediate rentals in the middle of a month because of some other problem.

Guide You to Westlake Center Seattle - Enjoy Seattle's Top Shopping Experience

Westlake Center located in the Downtown area of Seattle is popular for more than one reason. It not only accommodates a world-class shopping center which is four-storey high, it also features a twenty-five storey high office tower. Besides, it serves as a terminus for the Seattle Center Monorail. Built in 1988, it is one of the most preferred shopping destinations in the city.

Apart from reputed national retailers, the shopping center also provides space to regional stores with fine quality merchandise. From beauty product stores to stores with apparels, shoes, sports products, jewelry, toys and electronic goods, there are stores in various categories located at this shopping center. Bene Fashion, Bad Reputation, Sprint, Fireworks, Cache, Claire's and many other stores can be visited at Westlake Center.

The shopping center also has spots for dining and entertainment. Dilettante Mocha Cafe is a good place to enjoy desserts and rinks prepared from chocolate, along with sandwiches and other items. Food Court features eateries like McDonald's, Bronco BBQ, Cajun & Grill and Bobachine. Chinese cuisines can be enjoyed at P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

The shopping center offers many services to make it a convenient shopping experience for the visitors. Foreign currency exchange facility, ATMs and lost and found are some of the services to mention.

Westlake Center opens 10 am to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and from 11 am to 6 pm on Sunday. Apart from monorail, buses can also be used to reach this shopping center. For those visiting in cars, parking facilities are available.

Free Tourist Attractions in Seattle - For an Affordable Family Vacation

Budget travelers to Seattle don't return disappointed form their trip. There are many free attractions worth visiting in Seattle that you might miss a couple of them if you are on a short trip. The First Hill neighborhood of Seattle has the Frye Art Museum which allows free entry. One can explore the 19th century till present day collection of sculptures and paintings at the museum.

If you are in the city on the first Thursday of any month, you must grab the opportunity to explore Seattle Art Museum for free. The Olympic Sculpture Park within the museum is open for free on all days of the week. Appreciators of contemporary art will find this exhibition area to be a great place to stroll.

Many other museums in the city offer free admission on specific days. For example, Seattle Asian Art Museum is free to visit on every first Thursday, while families can visit the museum for free on every first Saturday. Bellevue Art Museum and Museum of Flight are other museums that offer free visits on first Thursday every month.

Green Lake Park is another free attraction in Seattle. It is a popular recreational area known for offering opportunities like biking, bird watching and enjoying picnic visits with family and friends. Another similar free attraction is Discovery Park which is worth visiting for its natural beauty, rocky beach and bird and marine species.

Various other popular parks in Seattle that are free to visit include Alki Beach Park, Ballard Locks, Carkeek Park and Marymoor Park. The Fremont Troll is an interesting piece of sculpture located in the Fremont neighborhood of the city and is free to visit. Visit to all these attractions help one enjoy a budget travel to Seattle.

Explore the Long and Interesting History of Seattle Public Library

One of the most remarkable buildings in the city of Seattle is the Seattle Public Library. It is a historically rich public library system that was established in 1890. There is a central library building and 26 branches across the city of Seattle. There are special systems for the disabled members including a Braille Library and a talking book system.

It was in the late 1860s that a handful of residents in Seattle planned to start a library. However, the venture was not much successful even after nearly 20 years. It was then that the Ladies' Library Association started to refocus on the various aspects of the library to assure effective running of the system, including fund raising and effective networking. This is a reason why the influence of women's group is clearly seen in the various library operations.

The library started off as a reading room and had a collection of over 6,000 books. However, the library building caught fire in early 1900s, thereby slashing all its precious collections. A few years later, the library received a grant of $200,000 to build a new infrastructure that was used for renovation, buying books and expansion. Although it was hit by The Great Depression, it survived the test of time and grew into one of the best library systems in Washington.

In the late 1980s, the library received a $2.3 million grant and expanded its system. Currently, the library has over 700 staff members. It has an extensive collection of books, CDs, video tapes, periodicals and other rare collections. The library is fully computerized and has recently moved to an RFID system, which encourages self-browsing.

Essential Traffic Safety Tips for Visitors in West Seattle: A Hilly District

So, you are planning to visit west Seattle in your vacations. If this is the scene than you must get some knowledge about the essential traffic safety tips in West Seattle. It is important for any visitor to keep these points in mind because these points will help you in traveling safely in a hilly district.

- Rush-hour traffic is quite frustrating in the city's lane and roadways. It is always fussy to travel in these rush hours. So if it's not necessary don't try to drive car rather choose some public transport or take bicycle or if possible walk.

- Be careful that where you are parking because parking laws are strict and enforced so fines can be heavy! If you are parking at a meter or in a city lot, be aware of hourly cost - if you will cross your allotted time by mistake due to any reason than it will be expensive for you. A parking voucher can exceed $35 if you go overtime in a two hour zone.

- Here, bicycling is better means of communication than in most part of the west Seattle except for the frequent rain and hills, damp roads so you have to pick up some raingear for your safety. But some main roads in city have properly maintained bicycle lanes too which helps in enjoyable ride.

- Most of central city center is serviced by ride-free i.e. no cost bus services between 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM. So, if you are going that place use the service.

- Walk, walk and walk. Walk whenever it is possible. By walking you are going to get exercises gasping up all those hills but you will surely enjoy great scenic view of the peaceful and wonderful architecture without any tension of traffic and all.

Now, follow these rules and be safe in the hilly district of Seattle.

Enjoy the Romance of Downtown Seattle - Discover Sweet Things to Do for Valentines Day

Valentines Day is one auspicious occasion that you may wish to spend with your beloved one in Downtown Seattle. The Downtown neighborhood of Seattle is dotted with a number of romantic getaways, romantic restaurants and places to visit. You and your Valentine are going to have an exclusive experience with the warm and affectionate atmosphere in this part of the Emerald City.

You must begin by booking at one of the most romantic hotels located in Downtown Seattle. The packages offered by the Hilton include wine, breakfast and early check-in. The Alexis Hotel offers romantic packages that include champagne, truffles, luxury rooms and spa treatment. The Four Seasons is another great option that offers breakfast in room, Swedish massage, spa treatment, champagne and romantic room setup.

Downtown Seattle has many romantic restaurants and cafes where you would like to enjoy delicious food and drinks. Il Bistro is one good choice that offers cioppino and risotto dishes. The Italian food is complemented by the excellent variety of wines. Pink Door is another venue to enjoy romantic dining along with live entertainment. Chez Shea is among other preferred eateries in the area for Valentine couples.

A number of lounges and clubs located at the Pioneer Square near Downtown are the places to enjoy your romantic date. The most popular jazz bars are located in the area and they serve as the great venues to enjoy the togetherness with your Valentine.

Downtown Seattle Waterfront is counted among the most romantic places in the city. Simply stroll near the waterfront or choose a small cruise trip to make best out of your romantic expedition.

Effective Smart Tricks to Secure Incredible Deals, Discounts, and Savings for Seattle Vacation Rentals

Smart people make smart plans for their vacation rentals. Seattle is one of the best possible places to go for a vacation. You can take your family and have a real good time during the vacation. There are many resorts and suites that offer best possible accommodations. The best deals are gotten only through a thorough research before you decide upon a particular resort.

The usual rates in the Seattle region, for vacation rentals are in the range of 1000 to 1600 dollars per week. If you are just liking to have a change of routine and break from the daily mundane, you can just take the beachfront view bungalows with good surrounding and stay with your family for a couple of weeks there. There are every possible amenity and facility arranged by the realtors. You have to choose the realtor very carefully to have the best discounts. You should not spend much money on the place of staying, when you can spend the discounted money on some of the more fun stuff around in Seattle.

There are different types of vacation rentals meant for romantic stay for couples, Mountain View, beach view accommodations. You have to choose the apt deal for you and you also have to search through all the agents to get the best deals. Many have their catalog on their website, so a simple search for all possible places in 1 hour or so of your time should give you the best deals and discounts, so you can save much of the hard earned money!