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Seattle Zip Codes are known for being in some of the most exclusive areas. Housing prices have been favorable to those people who live in these areas. Remember to conduct some research when you come on holiday to this place so as to end up with a good travel guide for Seattle.

Zip codes valuation is a very delicate matter here in Seattle considering how highly they are valued. It is good to concentrate on the most highly rated zip codes if real estate interests us in this city. If prices of property rise, the value of zip codes goes up proportionately.

Some top Zip codes include Greenwich, Connecticut, whose Zip code is 06831. This code is in Bridgeport area near Stamford-Norfolk metro. Newport Beach, California also ranks high. The last five years have seen growth in property values. This growth has attracted many holiday makers as well as business travelers.

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If you travel to Seattle, specifically to Paradise Valley, Arizona, you will in essence be touring a place that is a hot favorite among investors. The Zip code for this place is 85253. It is often described as Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale metro area. This area is very much comparable to Avalon, New Jersey, whose Zip code is 08202. This is a very important area considering that appreciation rate here has lately been on an upward trend, hitting a highest of 125.7 to result in Median property Price of $1,687,500.

Avalon is another name that frequent visitors to this place have a very strong emotional to. The complete address is Avalon, New jersey and the Zip code is 08202. You need to go to Ocean City metro area in order to have a look at this wonderful area.

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