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This trolley bus is also known as trolley bus or coach. Travel guide Seattle defines it as the kind of bus that moves by getting power from wires suspended from road side posts. There are two posts needed whereby one supplies the power and the other returns the current because it can not pass on the ground due to the train wheels.

The Seattle trolley buses are ideal for hilly routes because they consume electricity instead of diesel. The trolley buses are also environmentally friendly compared to hydrocarbon fuel transport. The Seattle trolley does not produce a lot of noise making an ideal mode of travel for visitors. The Seattle buses are favored by the Seattle authorities because electricity is cheap in this area.

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The Seattle trolley is beneficial to the city of Seattle because of the downtown water front and capital hills which have steep gradients. However, the trolley service has its own share of problems as the trains can not be detoured. This is a big problem because the trolleys have to stay along the wires to operate.

There is also the south lake union streetcar which is a 1.3-mile trolley coach. This trolley coach serves the south lake union area and downtown Seattle. These is a relatively new trolley service which began in year 2007. The trolley service was launched to help businesses in the South Lake union area. The South Lake union street car started its construction work in 2005 and cost a staggering amount of $50.5 million. Half of that amount was paid to owners of property along the proposed route.

The Seattle trolley service runs every fifteen minutes throughout the week. When you make arrangements to travel Seattle Washington make a point of traveling using a trolley coach. This is a very unique and satisfying experience.

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