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It is important to know about the Seattle zip code especially if you will be sending packages or letters through the post office. Zip codes for Seattle areas are widely available and the complete listing of such can be found on our online writings here. Knowing the correct zip code for each area in the city can also aid you in locating the restaurants, hotels, attractions, banks, night clubs and even movie theaters easily. The zip code for Seattle starts at 98101 and goes all the way to 98199. Learn the corresponding zip code in particular spots through our articles.
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Gathering Tourism Info for Your Seattle Vacation: Zip Codes, Traffic Routes, Popular Resorts, and More

Located in the middle of Puget Sound and King Country, Seattle is the largest of Pacific Northwest cities. Also called the Emerald Isle, the city is full of exotic natural beauty. Get lost in the countryside with the fascinating views of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains.

The people in this part of the world proudly call themselves the Seattleites and you can ask anyone around for some really useful help to explore the country. Downtown is the core retail area and the best waterfront location. This also comes out to have the most stunning architectural buildings. In total the whole of the state is divided into 11 districts.

The weather of Seattle is generally on the cooler side with occasional rainfalls. This provides the best temperatures to explore the virgin terrain. The best time of the year to be there is January to March when the days become sunny and pleasant throughout.

From the airport there are several transport facilities that take you to the heart of the city where you can plan your base. Try out the resorts in the waterfront area as they come cheap and are provide beautiful balconies. The link light rails are the fastest option and connect most parts of the city. Shuttle buses, taxis and car rentals too operate and can be a useful enough option. Car rentals can come for even less that $12 a day if you look in the right places.

Area code for Seattle is 206 with 425, 253 and 360 being the Zip codes for northern suburbs, southern Kent and Everett-Seattle-Tacoma respectively.

Guide For First-Time Travelers in Seattle: Guide on Zip Codes, Popular Neighborhoods and Area Attractions

Seattle is one of the cities in the state of Washington. This is the city which is one of northern most major city and largest in the Pacific Northwest in Washington. The County seat of Seattle is King County. The population of Seattle according to the census report on July 2009 is 617,334.

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The city lies between Puget Sound and Lake Washington in the King County. The city has 11 neighborhoods around it. The popular neighborhoods of Seattle are:

- Ballard

- Belltown

- Capitol Hill

- Fremont

- Green Lake

- Pioneer Square

- Queen Anne

- University district

- Wallingford

- Waterfront

- West Seattle

The Pioneer Square Queen Anne and the Capitol Hill are the Downtown Neighborhoods of Seattle.

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Seattle center major attraction of the city

The zip code is a system of postal codes used by the United States Postal Service since the year 1963. The term zip stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The area code of the Seattle city is 206. The zip codes of the city start from 98101 to 98199. the Seattle conventions and visitors bureau is the provider of list of tourist attractions, city map, and zip codes.

The city has numerous attractions around the city. You can find different types of attractions like arts, science, aquariums, Museums, night clubs, family fun, romantic and pet friendly attractions. The most popular and most visited attractions of Seattle are: Ballard Locks, Museum of Flights, Pacific Science Center, Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium, Seattle water front, Space needle and many more.

The Seattle center is the nation's best location for group gathering. The Seattle center is the finest cultural and educational organization of the city. The center features sports, festivals, community programs, and entertainment amenities. Check the upcoming events and programs of the city in the event calendar.

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Basic Info about Seattle: Local Zip Code, Weather Forecast and Hottest Attractions

The beautiful city of Seattle with its plethora of attractions and sites of interest entices thousands of tourists to its lap every year. A basic knowledge of the climate, everyday weather, local zip codes and area wise attractions aids travelers in planning their trip to this thrilling city.

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The local zip code of the various places of Seattle begins with 98101 and goes till 98199. The general climate of the city is temperate, rainy popularly known as Oceanic or Marine West Coast type climate. Winters here are wet and mild while summers are relatively dry and more or less cool. You can get detailed information of the day to day weather forecasts of Seattle through sites such as, which helps one to plan a holiday accordingly.

Seattle Weather Forecast

For instance, the current monsoon season in Seattle embraces a fair amount of rainfall with intermittent days of sunshine and average temperatures at 55 degrees low and 75 degrees high.

Seattle has no dearth of things to indulge in and places to visit and almost every area glorifies in some landmark point or the other. If you are crazy about airplanes and flights, a tour to the Boeing Factory at Everett is sure to thrill you to the core. Observe planes being built through the two films that take you to the world of aircrafts and then visit the factory entrance and the painting gallery of the aircrafts to give a final touch to your trip.

Relive Seattle glorious past at Pioneer Square wherein you can indulge in a number of activities such as an underground tour, visit the Klondike Gold Rush Historic Park, behold the city from the Smith Tower and get enthralled at the array of exhibits at the Seattle Police Museum.

Take your little ones and spouse to the wonderful, breathtaking Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, an experience that they are unlikely to forget in their whole lifetime. The collection of animals - aquatic and terrestrial, colorful birds of myriad species and the famous Puget Sound is sure to leave an indelible impression on your mind. Other hot attractions of Seattle city are the Seattle Center, Seattle Park Zoo, Seattle Museum of Flight, Pike Place Market, Space Needle and the likes.

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For Traveler's Convenience: Seattle Area Zip Codes and District Attractions Info

Knowledge about the various Zip Codes of a city while traveling gives an insight into the myriad features pertaining to the particular areas and the same holds true for Seattle, Washington as well. Whether you are there in the city for a short vacation or plan to extend your holidays to a longer stay, a proper knowledge of the zip codes will be conducive in providing you with details such as location, land prices, temperature updates, restaurants, sites of interests, schools, hospitals and what not.

Seattle Area Zip Codes begin with 98101 and continues till 98199. Detailed information of Zip codes, area attractions, and local information is provided by websites such as as well as For instance, the Beacon Hill area of Southeast Seattle Zip Code is a favorite tourist haunt and the Zip Code of this district is 98144.

Seattle is brimming with attractions galore which make your stay an unforgettable one. One such thrilling site of interest is the Seattle Center district famous for its electrifying Space Needle. Get a mesmerizing glimpse of the whole city as you climb atop the Needle and experience the feeling of being in space or simply freak out on a shopping spree at the numerous shops or indulge in some gourmet delight at the array of restaurants - all at the Space Needle.

Seattle Center also houses other enticing sites such as the Seattle Center House, Fun Forest Amusement Park, Pacific Science Center, Experience Music Project, , Seattle Repertory Center and lots more.

An enthralling experience awaits the visitors of Seattle at the Elliot Bay Waterfront area with its cluster of exciting things like the marine animals of the Aquarium, the Underwater Dome of 400,000 gallons, the mellifluous Puget's sound of the numerous aquatic animals and the varied species of birds portraying a kaleidoscopic view.

Shop to your heart's content at the Pike Place Market, a favorite destination for shopaholics where farmers bring in fresh produce. Also worth checking out in this Downtown Seattle area are the Kent Station malls and the array of other shops selling a variety of products.

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What's the Significance of District Seattle Zip Code

If you are looking forward to holiday in Seattle or even reside there, the first pre-requisite is to get your hands on any of the travel Seattle Washington look books or as they officially say yellow pages. There is an utmost need for you to consult the various District Seattle zip codes in order to receive extensive information about the various areas and adjacent territories.

District Seattle Zip Code - What's the aim

The main intent of the numerous and segregated District Seattle zip codes is to give the visitor an insight about the varied traits of that particular community. The traits can be the population statistics, diversity of races, apparently the location and topography, land prices, time zone and the temperature updates as well. The most explicit travel Seattle Washington handbook would have zip codes comprising of all the above details, but it actually varies. In case written literature doesn't suffice your requirement, try searching out on the internet. Find along a popular website which can connect you to the various zip codes and their characteristics.

District Seattle Zip Code - See through Seattle districts

The various District Seattle zip codes may also encompass other unique and knowledge worthy informations like the areas in the vicinity, things to do in and around that particular zip code, various important establishments like schools or hospitals and even at times community centers. Good and reputed online sites or any reliable Seattle travel handbook would also include a site map that shows the location precisely.

Beacon Hill Seattle Zip Code and Other Important Information

Beacon Hill is a neighborhood in Southeast Seattle Washington. This hill have a lot to offer to tourists and travelers that a travel in Seattle will be worth the time and effort. There are a lot of things to know about this humble neighborhood and the best way to start is by knowing their zip code.

Almost everything you need to know about Beacon Hill is in Wikipedia. Sometimes just visiting Wikipedia alone feels like you have personally gone to travel in Seattle.

Here is a link of Wikipedia regarding Beacon Hill:,_Seattle

As mentioned earlier, the zip code is one of the first information about Beacon Hill. The zip code of Beacon Hill is 98144. If you want to get more information about other zip codes in America, this is a good reference site:

If you want to get to know more about Beacon Hill and their community then reading and subscribing to the Beacon Hill blog is for you:

What are the tourist spots and attractions in this place?

Every traveler wants to experience the best of what the city has to offer. Many tourist spots are created for this reason. Beacon Hill is not an exception. Check out the travel destinations when you are on this neighborhood: