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The Seattle Sounders FC is a soccer team which was founded in November 2007. The name was chosen by fans through the poll that was held online back in 2008. Thus, they are the third soccer team from Seattle that has used the moniker. Today, they are the 15th team of the Major League Soccer and owned by Drew Carey who also works as the chairman of the FC Alliance. The team plays at the Qwest Field which can hold up to 67,000 people. In our articles, you can find more information about the team.
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Exhaustive Info About Seattle Sounders - Home of Seattle Sounders Fc Fans

Seattle Sounders is one of the most acclaimed and happening football clubs that the world reveres. Seattle Sounders FC is based in Seattle and it is a Major League Soccer. It is an indeed a treat for the FC fans and patrons.

Following gives a detailed account on Seattle Sounders FC:

Seattle Sounders was found in the year 2007 in November. Ever since, it was referred to as the expansion team until the fans named the team as the 'Sounders' by means of a poll over the web carried out in the year 2008. From then onwards the Seattle Sounders FC became the third Soccer team, Seattle who shared the famous moniker.

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A major part of the Seattle Sounders is owned by Joe Roth, the famous Hollywood producer and parts are even owned by Paul Allen, Adrian Hanauer,and Drew Carey.

The home matches of Sounders FC are happening matches and they are hosted at Qwest Field where FC fans go wild cheering for their team.

Sounders FC started playing in 2009 and in the very year all home game got sold.

It must be mentioned that Seattle Sounders stand for achievment and relevance in the realm of its historical significance. Since inception, the team has grown in quality and popularity and its influence has engulfed the FC fans with time.

Thus Seattle Sounders is truly a home for the die-heart FC fans and it is a prominent sensation for soccer lovers.

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Introduction to the Seattle Sounders Football Club

Those who travel in Seattle and love sports, know that Seattle is a city that gets to see a lot of sporting action through out the year. This is mainly thanks to the many professional teams that call the city their home. All the major sports are played in Seattle and this includes baseball, basketball, football and also soccer. The city is represented in soccer by the famous Seattle Sounders FC.

1. General information

Seattle Sounders FC are a professional soccer team who play in Major League Soccer. The team is fairly new and they are also the third team to have shared the name of the Sounders. The team is owned by Hollywood producer Joe Roth and one of the three minority owners is the famous comedian Drew Carey. The team is coached by Sigi Schmid who has won the MLS cup twice.

2. Home field

The calls the Qwest field its home field. All the home matches are played here.

3. Brief History

Seattle has always shown an interest in acquiring an MLS (Major League Soccer) team and in 1994, it was recognized that the city did not have a soccer only stadium. Not only that, the city also failed to raise 10,000 deposits for season tickets. These two reasons kept the city from getting an MLS team.

IN 1995, the Seattle Seahawks owner Paula Allen helped the city to build a football stadium. Even then, the city did not get the expansion teams. More than a decade passed and finally 2007 came. In 2007, another bid for MLS expansion was made. It was an estimated $35million bid.

The final announcement was made in early November 2007 that Seattle finally had an MLS team.

Qwest Field - the Seattle Sounders Stadium of Choice

Whenever you travel to Seattle Washington as a visitor on vacation, much of your time spent getting to know the city will involve learning about the sports teams that represent Seattle.

The city of Seattle has representation in the major sports played in the USA, including soccer, basketball and baseball. The city's soccer team is called the Seattle Sounders, and they pride themselves in doing their city proud every time they go out to play.

The Sounders team calls the Qwest Field in Seattle their home. Fans of them team gather at each opportunity they have to see the Sounders play. Whenever you travel to Seattle Washington, you will undoubtedly feel the spirit of the Sounders fans who fill the benches of Qwest Field every time their team plays.

1. Who are the Seattle Sounders?

Get facts about the team, including history, the players, game statistics and game schedules right from the official Seattle Sounders website.

2. More information on Qwest Field Stadium

Apart from being the home of the Sounders soccer team, Qwest Field also hosts other sporting events throughout the year. When you travel to Seattle Washington, you should have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere at Qwest Field.