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The Seattle Public Library was established in the year 1890 but there had been plans about its foundation back in 1868. Over 25 branches exist in the system and they are named after the location that they are in such as Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill and Detridge. The library is quite notable because of the architecture of its facilities. They reflect various periods including the early 20th century for the Douglass-Truth Library. The public library was where Nancy Pearl lived until 2004. Details about this library can be found at our articles.
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Explore the Long and Interesting History of Seattle Public Library

One of the most remarkable buildings in the city of Seattle is the Seattle Public Library. It is a historically rich public library system that was established in 1890. There is a building and 26 branches across the city of Seattle. There are special systems for the disabled members including a Braille Library and a talking book system.

It was in the late 1860s that a handful of residents in Seattle planned to start a library. However, the venture was not much successful even after nearly 20 years. It was then that the Ladies' Library Association started to refocus on the various aspects of the library to assure effective running of the system, including fund raising and effective networking. This is a reason why the influence of women's group is clearly seen in the various library operations.

The library started off as a reading room and had a collection of over 6,000 books. However, the library building caught fire in early 1900s, thereby slashing all its precious collections. A few years later, the library received a grant of $200,000 to build a new infrastructure that was used for renovation, buying books and expansion. Although it was hit by The Great Depression, it survived the test of time and grew into one of the best library systems in Washington.

In the late 1980s, the library received a $2.3 million grant and expanded its system. Currently, the library has over 700 staff members. It has an extensive collection of books, CDs, video tapes, periodicals and other rare collections. The library is fully computerized and has recently moved to an RFID system, which encourages self-browsing.

History of Downtown Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library abbreviated as SPL, serves Seattle WA, USA as the public library system. The official establishment of the Library by the City took place in the year 1890. However, the previous efforts made towards establishing a public library in Seattle dates back to1868.

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How Is The Seattle Public Library Organized?

The system has 26 branches and a good number of these branches are given names after the neighborhoods in which they are situated: Columbia (in Columbia City), Ballard, Broadview, Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill, Capitol Hill, Greenwood, Delridge, Douglass-Truth (named following Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth) in the Central District, Green Lake, International District/Chinatownm, NewHolly in the neighborhood, Queen Anne, Westwood and so on.

The Seattle Public Library also offer library mobile services and have constantly undergone innovations to upgrade to present day's Library system and functioning.

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Enumerate the Major Seattle Public Library Locations

There are around 27 Seattle Public Library locations. In case your latest agenda has travel Seattle WA topping the list, a trip to any of the Seattle Public Library locations is staple. The primary locations encompass the Central Library, Ballard Branch, Beacon Hill Branch, Broadview Branch, Capitol Hill Branch, Columbia Branch, Delridge Branch, Douglass-Truth Branch, Fremont Branch, Green Lake Branch and many more. In order to extract the other locations along with working hours and addresses, visit the following link You may find a comprehensive site map as well which can further clarify your insight onto how to get to the place and the exact routes.

Seattle Public Library Locations - Traits and Targets

Aiming at achieving the highest stature, the various Seattle Public Library locations offer an array of books and other study materials in order to disseminate awareness about the various happenings across the globe. All the Seattle Public Library locations are imbued with a culture of getting to their people the best of the literatures, readers, publications and editions.

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All the Seattle Public Library Locations have unsurpassed facilities and towering technological set up. The entire staff amalgamates to make sure that every citizen who steps into the location arena gets abreast with maximum informations and enrich their knowledge quotient.

To lend a wisdom hand to all the inhabitants of the community is their sole target and they tend to make an impressive mark on a global platform.