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How to Get to the Seattle Pacific University Campus

The city of Seattle has many attractions and the reasons to come to the city very from one traveler to the other. One thing remains common though - everyone loves the sheer life and vivacious nature of the city. It is one of the best cities to visit in the State and also the country.

Those who look for a good Washington travel service; Seattle is the best place to look into. You will find some of the best travel services in the state waiting to be explored. Seattle is the best place to look for all kinds of things and sometimes all you need is the right direction.

If it is the Pacific University campus you are looking for, you will not need to many directions to reach there. The Pacific University in Seattle is a famous place. A place where each season people gather from all over the state to seek admission. The Pacific University campus is located on the upper Seattle area towards the north. Most educational institutions favor the northern area of Seattle because it is a predominantly residential area. This ensures that the students have a peaceful environment in which they can study.

1. General information

The Pacific is a Christian university that offers courses in liberal arts, science and various professions. The university was founded in the year 1891 by Oregon and Washington Conference of the Free Methodist Church as the Seminary in Seattle. It was later made the Seattle Seminary and College in 1915. The current name was given to it in 1977.

2. Getting there

The college is located on the Queen Anne hill in Seattle, Washington, USA. The official website has detailed directions from a variety of directions of approach.

How to Find Hotels near Seattle Pacific University

There several sources of information concerning how to find hotels near Seattle pacific university. On top of the list of those sources are sites which include, among others. You can also get the same from hotels in Seattle directory or Seattle travel guide both in its online version or in the dailies. Other than the location, these sources will also recommend to you the most convenient mode of transport to these Seattle hotels together with how to book for a reservation.

Hotels nearest the Seattle pacific university

Situated just 0.25 miles from the Seattle pacific university, the Silver Cloud Hotel Broadway is among the closest hotels in Seattle to the Pacific university and also to the Swedish Medical Center.

There is also the Homewood Suites by Hilton Seattle in the famous Pike Place Market which is some 0.69 miles from Pacific university. It’s also in close proximity to the Paramount theatre and Washington State Convention Center.

Renaissance Madison Hotel is another hotel which is situated 0.74 miles from this prestigious university. It’s located along Madison Street just a few meters from the famous Qwest & Safeco fields, upscale shopping and Pike Place Market.

Recommend list of these hotels near Seattle pacific university:

Seattle Pacific University Basketball

Basketball is a very popular game and Seattle Pacific University takes advantage of the game’s popularity by benefiting from this sport. The university takes pride of its basketball team - The Falcons. Founded in 1891, the Falcons have made several achievements that have given pride to its university and Seattle.

- Conference achievements

The Seattle Pacific University Basketball has had several achievements through the years. These achievements include NCAA D2 Final Four -06, GNAC Champion -06, and GNAC Regular Season Champion -07.

- Men’s team and women’s team

Seattle Pacific University has a men’s and women’s basketball team. Both teams have made their way to the regional finals. The men’s basketball team, lead by Rooney Ryan and Leep Grant, the SPU basketball team has been trained well by this dynamic duo.

- Top players

The university’s top players in the basketball men’s team are Moreira Rafael, Diederich’s Rob, Reed Casey, Larrieu Brandon, Banchero Chris, and Campanaro Chauncy. Top members of the women’s basketball team are Jordan Harazin, McKayla Gorman, Kelsey Burns, Daesha Henderson, Megan Hoisington, Maddie Maloney, Lisa Cannon, and many others.

If you look at your travel guide for Seattle you will never miss out Seattle Pacific University. You can always stop by the university for a visit and take a peek at their basketball team.

Seattle Pacific University Seattle WA

The Seattle Pacific University was founded in 1891 and enjoys a distinguished and long history in Christian higher education. In the new century, the University has positioned itself to engage identical culture and influence the world towards common good.

A “scholar-Servant” model academic curriculum evolved in the 1970s that focused on the learning process as well as the individual. In 1975 the SPIRAL program was launched and instantly became a model for in-service teacher education in Washington State. In 1976 the University received a gift of 965 acres on Blakely Island which was transformed into an innovative research station. 1977 witnessed the christening of the institution as Seattle Pacific University. In 1980 strengthened its ties with the Evangelical community at large and the Free Methodist Church. The 1990s positioned the University as a premier Christian University of arts, science and professional studies. The centennial of the University was celebrated in 1991. As part of the celebrations, the University now has a $10 million Library serving as the heart of the academic program.

A 64,000 square foot Science Building opened in 2003 and simultaneously the Otto Miller Hall too underwent major renovation. Apart from the links provided in this article, you can also visit the following websites to learn more about this University.

When you plan to spend longer periods of time at this University, you should look for Hotels Seattle which are closer to the University, and available in plenty.