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For your affordable stay, you can book at any Seattle motel, which are designed especially for motorists and travelers. Different types of motels exist in the city and depending on your vacation theme, you will find the suitable one for your stay. There are various forms including get away, family, romantic, budget, pet friendly and girls' vacation. Among the motels here are the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites, Travelodge Seattle, Days Inn and Ramada Seattle. Prices usually start at 55 dollars but you can check our articles if you are searching for cheaper motels in Seattle.
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Helpful Advice on How to Get Motel Coupons - Plan Budget Travel Holidays in Seattle

Vacations and business trips have a way of getting out of hand and cross over budget and at the end of the trip you may find that you have spent much more than you intended to. In order to keep from any such happening, it is essential to learn how to get discount motel coupons and plan budget holidays that are both comfortable and affordable. There are a number of affordable accommodation establishments in Seattle while one can also utilize a number of offers and schemes to get reduced rates.

Motels in Seattle

There are a number of ways of ensuring that your Seattle, Washington trips stays within the decided budget. One of the best ways of doing so is to look for motel coupons and discount passes. These are available on the World Wide Web, with travel agents and tourism agencies, as a part and parcel of travel packages and with a number of related products or services. One can contact a travel agent and ask for discount coupons in return for hiring their services. Motels also often offer discount coupons on their own to clients who meet certain criteria. For the necessary details you can contact the authorities concerned.

Finding a Cheap Motel in Seattle

One can also purchase tourist saver discount coupon books. These are published keeping the travelers in mind and offer discount coupons for accommodation, sightseeing, dining and transportation in Seattle. While you may have to pay an initial amount such as $80 for purchasing the coupons, you can save more than $2500 in discounts.

Seattle Discount Coupon Books

Affordable Accommodation in Seattle

Why is Marco Polo Motel Seattle Special

Marco Polo motel is one of the best motels in Seattle because of its


It is located near the University of Washington as well as near downtown Seattle. The guiding landmarks are the Woodland, Green Lake, Wallingford district, Park Zoo and the Fremont neighborhood. The motel is also situated near Seattle's attraction sites, shopping centre and elegant Seattle hotels and restaurants.

2. Amenities

Marco Polo motel offers terrific amenities which will entice you to prolong your stay in this motel. The amenities are:

- Free parking

- Refrigerators

- Free wireless cable

- Free local calls

- Cable television

- Free tea or coffee

- Microwaves

The motel maintains high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. You therefore don't need to worry about eating food that may make you sick the next minute. The staff is also very friendly and ensures that your stay is comfortable.

What is Special about the cost of Marco Polo Motel?

Despite the fact that Marco Polo motel is one of the cheapest, the facilities are up to standard and you can never regret ever staying at this motel. The fact that the motel has cheap affordable rates does not mean that the services are full of mediocrity. Instead you will realize that you can never be in a better place for your stay or vacation other than at the Marco Polo motel.

How to Find Seattle Affordable Motels

Motels are also known as motorists hotels, designed for travelers where there is a direct access to open parking areas. You can also check out Seattle travel information through internet and travel sites.

Find an affordable motel in Seattle

- Seattle bed and Breakfast

This website represent links of over 225 lodging establishments that offers affordable rentals, romantic weekend getaways, vacation and business lodging. The website provides links to provide motels listing in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.


- Villa bed and Breakfast

If you are looking for an Italian villa, rooms and suites feature private baths, luxury appointments, verandas and fireplace. Here's your pick.

- Seattle at

Tthis website is provides information and reviews both cheap motels and luxury hotels in Seattle. You can select the category on the left panel and there is a map where you can navigate on the right panel of the webpage. You can make online bookings and reservations too!

- All

This website provides a directory list of hotels and accommodation in Seattle. It also has a quick search tab for quick results of the motel / in of your choice. Making a last minute travel with this website is easy, with its online reservation and booking system and you can find cheap hotel deals with all-hotels.

Seattle Hotels Motels

In traveling, some individuals risk their money because they dont know how to make a choice between hotels and motels. Whether you are in the suburbs, or any popular highway, you can access major attractions like great museums, lush islands, sports stadiums, legendary Space Needle and even the famous Seattle Science Centre. You can imagine what the central location of Hotels and Motels in Seattle can add to your travel apart from all these wonderful attractions. Well, relaxed boat cruises can also make your memories.

Seattle Hotels

Nowadays Seattle hotels have moved online that you can have full access just by few mouse flicks. Hotel Andra, Mayflower Park Hotel, Sheraton Seattle Hotel, and Moor Hotel are few examples of hotels which can be identified easily by visitors. When you Travel Around Seattle, youll be delighted with world class hotels and motels.

Seattle Motels

When online you can ask questions or do reviews. This can increase your level of understanding motels. You can reserve group hotels and motels while at the same time there are single reservations.

Why visit Seattle Hotels and Restaurants

- There are free online travel guides for travelers
- Rooms have phones, internet and television sets
- Non smoking guest rooms are available at affordable rates
- Hotels and motels are affordable.
- By going online, you can view information within Seattle hotels and motels. Youll see locations, rates, compliance and you can also check environmental rules and weather.


Its wise to read all major hotel reviews before striking a balance. You can save huge amounts of dollars by relying sampling many online reviews before settling for one thats relevant to you. Users are usually sincere and the experiences they tell about hotels theyve visited can be of much help.

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Where to Find Dog Friendly Motels Downtown Seattle

Individual travelers and family vacationers always think twice whether to bring their pets on their travels or not. There are a number of restrictions when you have your pet with you. Some restaurants and other business establishments don't allow the entry of pets in their vicinity. There are also hotels and motels that do not allow visitors who are with their pets. There are a lot of reasons behind these restrictions. Pets may be too rowdy and can disrupt the usual business activities. They can run around and be noisy, which can be a disturbance to other people.

But it is a good thing that not all hotels and motels disallow pets. There are specialty accommodations that open their doors to visitors and their pets. So if you are traveling in downtown Seattle, just make sure that you call Seattle hotel that you would stay in and let them know ahead of time that you are bringing your pet with you. This way, they would let you know whether they can accept your reservation or not.

There are also Seattle hotels that allow bringing of pet but you would have to pay for an extra fee. Pet fee would go anywhere from $10 and can go as high as $75. Some hotels and motels can charge on a per day basis or a per stay fee. This would be for the extra bed for the pets and extra cleaning services since pets can really be messy sometimes.

There are also certain restrictions when it comes to which pet you are bringing. For instance, there are hotels that can only allow dogs and no other types of animals. There are also weight limits, like they can only accept pets weighting 20 lbs and no more than that. Some hotels also designate only the first floor for visitors with pets.

Websites where you can find dog friendly motels downtown Seattle