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Seattle Imax theaters are a huge hit for movie goers in the city. Educational film shows can also be watched at some of these theaters especially at the Pacific Science Center. If for some reason you need to cancel your trip to any Imax theater, you should learn about their ticket refund policy which includes the convenience and delivery charges, ticket exchanges and ticket refunds. These are further explained in our original articles so make sure you read them as you plan your visit to the Imax theaters in Seattle.
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Upcoming Great Films Performing at IMAX Dome Theater in Seattle

The IMAX Dome Theater in Seattle is one of the most entertaining venues to visit in the city. it provides a fantastic cinematic experience with a 60×80-feet screen, stereo sound of 12,000 watts and the high-tech IMAX 3D technology, among others.

The theater hall provides an excellent seating arrangement as well as great staff behavior and hospitality. It is famous for releasing great films that are the biggest hits in the U.S as well as at the international level. Watching a movie at the theater is a mind blowing experience as it offers style, clarity and a wonderful ambiance like none other in the city.

Cine buffs have reasons to smile as an array of movies is coming up for Christmas and New Year release. Of the upcoming films to be released at the IMAX, the most striking is the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

The film is set for release on November 19, 2010. There's going to be a Harry Potter Film Festival that will commence on October 22, 2010 and feature all the four previous films of Harry Potter, one film to continue every week.

Another landmark digital hi-tech film known as The Legacy of Tron will look excellent on the huge IMAX screen, and is scheduled for release in the third week of December 2010. Some of the other interesting films that are set to release in the coming months include Kung Fu Panda 2, Frankenweenie and Spiderman 4, among others.

A chunk of the money obtained by selling movie tickets is donated to support needy children all over the city so that they can meet their educational expenses.

How to Get Seattle IMAX Tickets

IMAX is a motion picture and projection format also known as Image Maximum. It can be viewed on a large scale projection which makes it different in conventional motion picture format. So if you want to experience an ultimate movie experience why not try to watch it on theaters that cater IMAX motion pictures.

IMAX in Seattle:

Looking for an IMAX experience in Seattle? You might want to visit Seattle's IMAX Theaters:

The Pacific Science Center is a science and educational museum, planetarium and an IMAX theater as well. It is Located at 200 Second Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109. They offer online ticket sales on their website (comes with pricing details), IMAX showing schedules, Seattle's travel guide: street map/ directions, parking/ transportation, and all the links that will help you plan your trip.

The Pacific Science Center Website (IMAX):

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Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 + IMAX, I-5 & Northgate Way, South of Northgate Mall in Seattle, this theater features Hollywood movies that have been re-mastered into IMAX's format. The Dark Knight, 300, Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, Spider - Man 3, are only some of the Hollywood releases that have been showcased in this IMAX Theater.

Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 + IMAX website:

Pacific Science Center Seattle IMAX

Established in 1962, the Pacific Science Center in Seattle is a major attraction for science enthusiasts from all over the world. The center is made up of 8 buildings. The center is mainly a museum of science and technological issues. There are also 2 IMAX theaters within the center that showcase the latest in the movie industry. The center also houses a Laser Dome theater, a butterfly house and a planetarium.

The IMAX Theaters

The IMAX theaters are the Boeing Theater and the Eames Theater. The Boeing IMAX Theater has a seating capacity of 405 people. It is a modern day theater that incorporates all the latest in theater technology. One of the major features of this theater is its 3D technology which enables the viewers to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The Theater has an impressive stereo sound of 12,000 watts.

The Eames IMAX theater is much smaller that the Boeing. It can seat up to 360 people and its films, which are shown on a smaller screen, are usually 2D.

IMAX Theater Tickets

To see these shows, you need to get tickets for them. Alternatively, you may also get a joint IMAX and Science Center ticket. This will enable you enjoy everything the center has to offer. The prices to the IMAX theaters' tickets usually depend on the age of the person attending. For those who are aged between 3 to 12 years, their tickets are $7. For those who are between 13 and 64 years, tickets can be purchased at $8. The tickets for those who are 65 and over cost $7.50.

While planning your vacation to Washington, get yourself a copy of a tourist guide offering travel service Seattle information. You are sure to get a lot more information concerning the Pacific Science Center Seattle Imax.