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There are so many hotels in Seattle that it can be overwhelming to decide on one. If you want to stay in a hotel that will give you the accommodations you deserve, then you can read the reviews on Seattle Hotels and choose your pick from there. You can also compare the rates which is a factor on your decision. Other things that you have to be concerned with are the places near the hotel and the restaurants you can dine in. You want to enjoy your stay in Seattle as much as possible and you can maximize this by planning your itinerary based on the Seattle Hotel you stay in. Explore our articles for more details about Seattle hotels.
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Comprehensive Profile of Seattle Hotels: A Huge Selection from Luxury to Budget Hotels

Seattle is a breathtakingly busy city, with large groups of accommodation and hospitality services making the city even more welcoming for business people, tourists and other travelers who may be interested in visiting the city. The variety of people coming into Seattle pertains to a vast variation amongst people of different budget levels. Luxury hotels and affordable inns are all part of the opportunities people find quite comfortably in Seattle.

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Certain hotels in the city may be ranked high according to specific parameters. Hotels often dedicate their services of suites and other rooms to specific groups of people such as corporate professionals, honeymooners and anybody who needs specific needs in the hotel rooms. If such designs do not suit your needs, and you expect a moderate lifestyle in Seattle, you should avail alternative accommodations such as inns and Bed and Breakfast places.

Recommended often by travelers of various sorts are The Maxwell Hotel, Best Western at the airport and at the Pioneer Square. The rates of these hotels may be more than 150 USD for most rooms. Other facilities like Inn at the Market, Chelsea Station 11th Avenue Bed and Breakfast are some names that allow travelers with a modest budget to feel at ease. Many inns in the city may also have rates touching 50 - 70 USD per night.

Special purpose lodging or vacation rentals are also available in the city of Seattle. Hostel facilities are available between 30 - 90 USD depending on the privacy you want. Dormitories may often cost as low as 15 USD per night, allowing backpackers and students a comfortable stay.

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Overview on Seattle Hotel Rates

Some people when they hear about cheap hotel rates in Seattle Washington, they think that these hotels with such rates are not good to stay at. The truth about these hotels is that they will have all the amenities that will satisfy you. How will one then find these cheap hotel rates in Seattle Washington? These cheap hotel rates will be displayed on the websites of these hotels or you may find them on those of other travel companies.

1. Cheap Seattle Hotels Offering Lowest Rates

Hotels Seattle WA are among those offering the lowest rates in US. These hotels also offer some of the best facilities and amenities making them the most visited hotels in the United States. Some of these hotels are:

- The Edgewater-$104.50 per night

- The Pan Pacific Seattle-$119 per night

- Fairmont Olympic Seattle-$ 179.00 per night

- Hotel Max-$99.02 per night

- Sheraton Seattle Hotel$99.01 per night

2. Other Seattle hotel rates

Most hotels in Seattle offer some special discount rates for government employees, associations, corporate types and travel club members. These are the rates of other categories of hotels in Seattle per night.

- 5 Star Hotels-starts around $ 199

- 4 Star Hotels-$66

- 3 Star Hotels-$46

- 2 star Hotels-$49

- 1 Star Hotels-$31

The Features of Downtown Seattle Hotels

Any good Seattle (Washington) Travel book or website will tell you that the Downtown area of the city one of the most hottest places to be around. Whether you are looking for a great restaurant or a place with a great bar, you can have your pick from some the best places within Seattle. The hotels here are some of the best in business and hence you can rest assured that no matter which hotel you pick, you can expect professional services from the staff.

The downtown area hotels range from the strictly economic to the completely luxurious ones. Thus features will vary greatly. This does ensure however that no matter what your budget is, you are likely to find a good hotel for yourself.

Here are the main features that you can expect from a hotel in downtown Seattle:

- Room Service - It is a standard feature in most hotels in Seattle. You can expect industry standard service from these places.

- In-room facilities - These vary from the basic necessities to convenient things. So will have things like a coffee maker, a hair dryer, an iron and table, mini-fridge etc. depending the on the place you are staying at.

- In-room entertainment - This starts from a simple color TV with cable in the room and can go up to giant flat screen plasma TV with cable and DVD player plus personal music player and gaming console.

- Swimming pool - This is something that you are likely to find at the majority of these hotels.

- Comfortable beds - Since these hotels exist to serve guests, they make sure that everything is as comfortable as possible including beds.

- Complimentary offers - Some places will offer a complimentary breakfast, while others will offer coffee and morning newspaper.

- Business facilities - Things like high-speed Internet connection, workstations, business centers, etc are available at a lot of places.

What are the benefits of staying in Warwick hotel Seattle

The Warwick hotel at Seattle is located in the waterfront district about 15 miles away from the Sea Tac International Airport and within close proximity to most major attractions in Seattle. The Bell Harbor International Conference Center is located just opposite this hotel. The outdoor seating overlooking the water front at the Fish Club restaurant provides an alluring ambience while you enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner. The private balcony views of the Elliot Bay are fabulous and promise to leave a long lasting memory when you get back home. The downtown skyline becomes alive with the sunset and the Olympic Mountains in the backdrop enhance the viewing pleasure. You can walk across the Pike Place market or simply drop into one of the many coffee shops as you walk by. The Seattle sea aquarium is an ideal rendezvous point when you are visiting with family. To access some finer information on the advantages of selecting this hotel, please visit

In addition to the above, you will enjoy all the benefits of staying in a superior 4 star facility when Warwick hotel Seattle is chosen for your accommodation. To enhance your experience you should also take a close look at the special offers from Warwick by visiting their official website at

To gain an insight into the hotel options in Seattle, or obtain Seattle hotel reservations you can visit

Features of Seattle Hotels Waterfront

Seattle hotels waterfront is one such thing that is always touched when any one thinks of Seattle travels. These Seattle waterfront hotels are definitely one of the attractive features of Seattle travel and tourism.

Whether you are travelling for business or for leisure purpose, if you want to make the most of your stay, make sure that you get your room booked in waterfront hotel.

Where are these waterfront hotels?

These waterfront hotels are located in the waterfront state of Seattle which is one of the central hubs of the city. These hotels are lashed with all the needed amenities and some luxurious facilities as well.

What are the basis amenities provided in these Seattle waterfront hotels?

All the Seattle waterfront hotels come with the amenities such as a swimming pool, a fitness center, spa or massage room, meeting facilities, restaurants in the hotel premises, air conditioning, hot tub and internet connectivity.

How these Seattle waterfront hotels are different from others?

The main thing that sets apart these Seattle waterfront hotels from the others are the facilities provided here. The second important thing that these hotels have is that they organize recreational activities thus trying to keep the visitors excited.