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Good company deserves good food. When you're in Seattle, you can enjoy the culinary delights as you unwind with great food and beverage at unbelievable and affordable prices. If you are craving for seafood, you'll find some of the city's top seafood dishes. If you want meat, then you can also drop by a restaurant that offers the finest. Seattle Dining is one reason why tourists go to the state in the first place. In fact some tourists who have tried Seattle Dining even had the opportunity to discover the secrets of the chef's masterpiece. To have better idea of where to eat, check out our articles on dining.
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Seattle Dining Tips: Overview of All Romantic Dinning Destinations in All Price Ranges

Seattle's offering to the general restaurant goers is more than satisfactory as the range of restaurants is vast in terms of budget. One of the most famous restaurants in town is Luc. Although a very popular restaurant, crowds are well managed by the restaurant, allowing the space apt for romantic dinners. The place is not open for lunch, but is definitely one of the best places you would like to take your partner after clubbing late night.

Luc Official Site

Delancey on NW 70th Street is known for the salty crust pizzas, making them chewy and tastier. Prices at the venue are moderate, allowing a dinner to be summed up within 30 USD for 2. Ice cream and other desert items are also their specialty, allowing the teenage date to be success. The restaurant is also Vegan friendly, and has often been related to as the most talked about restaurant on west coast.

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Mistral Kitchen on Westlake Avenue is one of the more expensive restaurants, and is open for both, lunch and dinner. On weekends the place also serves breakfast. However, the joint is not particularly useful for late night parties and is more suited for the sober dinner seekers. The chef and the cocktails at Mistral Kitchen are everyone's favorite.

Reviews on Mistral Kitchen

Particularly for married couples in Seattle, a family friendly lunch and dinner place would be Molly Moon's Homemade Ice cream. The nominal prices per entree allows a vast range of Seattle's citizens to enjoy their services at Molly Moon's as well. Other similar restaurants are friendly and informal when it comes to dress codes.

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Eat out in Style in Seattle - Top Fine Dining Spots for Food-Lovers

Seattle, the city in the Washington State is home to fine dining. The city is surrounded by numerous fine dining spots for the food lovers. You can enjoy a fine dining in and around the city. The city is well known for its sushi restaurants and tasteful Japanese cuisines.

Seattle features variety of seafood restaurants like Chandler's Crab house, cutter's Bay house, fish club, and Ponti seafood Grill. Not only sea food restaurants the city also houses Italian, Chinese, French, Asian, African and Mexican restaurants.

Best and top recommended Seattle restaurants

Best of top restaurants in Seattle

Guide to Seattle restaurants

Chef in the Hat is the part of Rover's which was opened in Seattle in the year 1987. this is the best place for the fine dining. The menu of the restaurant is referred to be the best cuisine of the Pacific Northwest. The restaurants provide the French cuisine with raw ingredients. The restaurant will be opened from Tuesday through Thursday from 6pm. The hour of the restaurant from Friday to Saturday is from 5.30pm. the hour of the restaurant in Sundays will be from 5pm. The lunch hour will be from 1.00pm.

Ristorante Paradise is the Italian restaurant situated in Seattle. The restaurant has a wonderful quaint setting. The restaurant is referred to be the art of Italian cuisine. You can reserve the restaurant prior to your visit. The menu of the restaurant includes Dinner, Lunch, wines, private parties, and corporate events. They offer a gift certificate to the guest which reduces the amount in the main bill.

The Cafe Juanita is one of the top favorable restaurant fro the food lovers. The menu includes dinner, dessert, and special menus. This is the restaurant in Seattle which offers Italian dishes and Italian wine producer.

Rovers Chef in the Hat Seattle

Cafe Juanita best restaurant in Seattle

Italian restaurant in Seattle

Recommended Restaurants in Seattle for Both Private Dining and Business Meeting

Seattle is the north most major city of United States. The city is home to several businesses, food, education, and entertainment activities. You can find a wide range of private dining restaurants around the city. Finding the best private dining is not so easy. You can choose the best private dining place with the help of comparing the recommendations and reviews of the restaurants.

Top private dining restaurants in Seattle

The Ruth's Chris steakhouse is the most popular private dining restaurant in Seattle. The restaurant serves the city for over a period of 45 years. If you are planning to organize a private dining party for your guest or loved ones then chose the dining spot as Ruth's Chris steakhouse. The Ruth's Chris steakhouse restaurant provides an unforgettable dining experience for you and your guest. The private dining rooms are of different types such as Wine Cellar, Wine Room and tasting room.

The restaurant is located at:

727, Pine street,

Seattle 98101

Phone: (206) 624-8524

Popular Private Dining Restaurant in Seattle

The Rialto Pasta bar and grill is also a private dinning restaurant which provides a authentic Italian foods. The private dining rooms can accommodate up to 30 people. You can reserve the restaurant prior to the dining. The restaurant offers weekly special, dinner menu, Happy hour menu, dessert and cocktail menu. The restaurant is located at 4307, Fremont avenue north, Seattle.

Rialto Pasta Bar and grill

Business meeting restaurants in Seattle

you can also find various business meeting special restaurants. The Four Seasons hotel Seattle is one of the best business meeting restaurants in the city. The meeting space provides natural light from floor to ceiling windows and cutting edge audio visual technology. The cuisines by chef Kerry sear will serve in the Pacific north west style to experience a find dining.

The other business meeting restaurants in Seattle are the Heath man hotel and dahlia lounge in Seattle. You can choose the best one by checking and comparing the facilities and price of the available hotels.

Four season's hotel in Seattle

The Health man hotel in Seattle

Best Dining Guide for Travelers: Wonderful French Restaurants in Seattle

Connoisseurs of French cuisine! Seattle, Washington beckons you to its plethora of restaurants specializing in some of the finest French savories and delicacies, scrumptious and delightful in taste and exotic in decor and ambience.

Relish French cuisine at its best in a number of seasonal, lounge and dessert delicacies at Chez Shea, a savor that is sure to leave a hint and aftertaste behind. Their Seasonal Chef's Special Recipes are particularly fascinating with Steamed Manila Clams, Scallop Crudo, Painted Hills Natural Beef Tartars, Oysters on the Half Shell and Escargot a la Bordelaise simply taking your breath away.

If you happen to pass the Chez Shea on Tuesdays through Saturdays around evening 4.30 to 6.30, do not miss out on their Happy Hour menu - Organic Seasonal Greens and Pork Rillettes at $4, Castelvetrano Olives at only $3, Heirloom Tomato Napoleon at $8 and much more to make your day special.

Stimulate your taste buds with the exquisite Southern French gourmet and wine combinations at the Cafe Campagne Restaurant, located at Pine Street, Seattle. Gorge on some scrumptious butter lettuce, Gratin of sweet Onion, Magret Duck Breast Proscuitto and Pork Hock; treat yourself to some of the most divinely desserts comprising Chocolate Ganache covered almond sponge cake with coffee buttercream, Lemon and Chevre cake, or Lavender and Almond Creme brulee; or sip on the Happy Hour Specialty Cocktails at $7.50, and Thursday Fruit De Mer Specials Champagne Veuve Clicquot at $10 or Cremant de Bourgogne at only $5.

If you are crazy about French dips, drop at the Rizzo's French Dip and try out their mouthwatering array of French dip sandwich - the Original or with American or Swiss cheese accompanied by some macaroni salad.

Experience the taste of France in the Pacific Northwest Cuisine at Chef in the Hat, a combination of Rover's dining and LUC's cafe. Try Rover's myriad menus such as the Bistro Menu at $59, Menu Degustation for $99 and the Grand Menu Degustation at $135.

Chez Shea Happy Hour Menu

Chef in the Hat Rover's Menu

Cafe Campagne Restaurant Menu

Rizzo's French Dip Delicacies

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How to Get the Best of Fine Dining Seattle

Once you are settled in your Seattle hotel room, you will always want to explore the dining options that the city has to offer. Of course, every city comes with its share of fast food and fine dining options. When out of your own hometown, it would do good to treat yourself to the fine dining options of Seattle.

1. What is a fine dining restaurant?

A fine dining restaurant is a significant upgrade from your regular family establishment. What you will find different is that a fine dining restaurant will

- Insist on a dress code-no jeans and tees here.

- You will have at least two bearers for your table, as against the one for 3 tables at other restaurants.

- A fine dining menu also comes with an extensive wine list for you to choose from.

- A lot of attention is given to detail-in terms of presentation of the food and the service.

- The price will of course be on the higher side since you are also paying for the individual attention.

- Most fine dining establishments insist on prior reservations and also offer valet parking.

For a better understanding you can go to

2. How to make the best of your fine dining experience?

When planning a foray into fine dining, there is a certain etiquette that needs to be followed. These generally revolve around your attire, behavior, your knowledge of the menu, be it the wine list or the food as well as the tip you leave behind. You will have to keep in mind that fine dining is a far cry from sitting at a fast food joint with friends. It is an experience in itself. Here are some tips to give you a fair idea of what to expect—Tips-for-Elegant-Eating&id=731678

3. Websites that can help

A review of the best restaurants in Seattle

A list of the top restaurants in Seattle

An area-wise listing of affordable fine dining options in Seattle

Ways to Book Seattle Dining Table

Seattle makes some of the best cuisines in the Northwest because of its diverse cultural makeup and its nearness to Puget Sound's seafood. There are Japanese cuisine and plenty of fresh sushi which is why the area receives countless visitors every year. Other seafood restaurants in Seattle include Cutter's Bayhouse, Ponti Seafood Grill, Fish Club and Chandler's Crabhouse.

If you are looking for a place to dine, all you have to do is to look for Seattle area travel guide for you will get to see all the possible places to book a dinning table. Most Seattleites enjoy eating at fine steakhouses or Italian restaurants and any where else that crafts its food incredibly good. There is plenty of fine wine and cocktails that the travelers are treated to.

Seattle restaurants that one can book a dinning table from

There are several restaurants in Seattle that one can book a dinning table from. Most of these restaurants allow their quests to book online making the work easier for them. Some of the restaurants that you can book a table at include 94 Steward, Assagio, Brasa, Caf Champagne, Caf Juanita, Cascadia Restaurant, Chandlers Crabhouse, Chez Shea, Coldwater and GrillDowntown, Cutter's Bayhouse, Dahlia Lounge, Dulces Latin Bistro, and Etta's Seafood.

How to book a dinning table

Your reservation is immediately recorded once you book a table online. You have to follow the link provided by the restaurant in which you feel like booking a table. All of your information is recorded so that once you arrive at the restaurant; there isn't much to be asked about by the waiting staff. All the information is computerized for easy access so that restaurant availability is up to date and your reservation has to be confirmed.

Guide to Seattle dinning

Seattle Dining Coupons

By using dining coupons you will be able to save up to half of what you would have used for the dinner. There are over 6000 hotels in Seattle to choose from on the one to buy a coupon. Carefully go through the hotels terms and conditions before purchasing a coupon; do not buy a coupon for the busiest nights in the hotel. Buying the coupons will give you the chance of enjoying well served dinner with your friends or family in some of these hotels.

What are the rates of dinner coupons?

The dining coupons rates range from $25 up to as low as $1. The dinner coupon rate vary based on the type of meals that will be served for dinner. When buying the coupons online consider buying printable version forms, you can get them at the hotels site or from other online sites exclusively designed to distribute discounted coupons. You can also get these coupons in newspapers or magazines.

Important tips:

Most Seattle dining coupons sell out fast. Try to purchase your coupon as early as possible and enjoy greater discounts.

Remember to check if there are hotels offering free dining coupons and grab the chance of having a free dinner.

How to Find Fine Dining Seattle Restaurants

One of the best things in Seattle is the food. There are lots of food offerings in this city; local specialties and foods from around the globe. You can also find foods for different budgets.

But you can find the best in a fine dinning restaurant, where you can enjoy the ambiance together with the food.

Just follow these few steps on how you can find great fine dining restaurants in Seattle.

- You can read newspaper articles about restaurant reviews or you can ask around; great food news pass around by mouth.

- You can also check blogs in the internet. Satisfied stomachs don't lies. These bloggers have experience dining in these restaurants and most of them are not paid to write about these restaurants.,+WA

- You can also check travelling sites for restaurant recommendations.

- You can also go for your personal gut feel. If you have cash why not try all; one or two restaurant per night. Besides you are the only one who can decide whether you like the food you eat or not.

So, if you want to taste great food and you are ready to spend some dollars for good food then prepare your map and travel around Seattle.