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There are so many Seattle bed and breakfasts you can choose from. Your deciding factors are the price, the amenities as well as the location. You might be overwhelmed when making your decision but if you just take time to sit and deliberate, then you can plan your vacation well - which also includes the Seattle bed and breakfast that you will stay in. Ask yourself how much you are willing to spend and where you want to be. These are the two questions that can help you figure out what exactly you are looking for. Our articles offer you more tips and advices.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Getting a Charming Bed and Breakfast for a Family Vacation in Seattle

Bread and Breakfast inns are one of the biggest chains of economy-inns worldwide. B&B inns are famous for their three Cs that is cozy, cordial, and cost effective aspects. In one word B&B chain of inns are better than any budget hotel and is a perfect pampering spot for your family while on vacation.

So is of Seattle; if you are coming to Seattle for vacation holiday with family, you should search for the availability of B&B inns in advance and it will surely make your vacation time a great fun in absolutely in economy budget.

Three tree point Bread and Breakfast is one of the most-known B&B inns in Seattle. It is located at 10 minutes driveway from SeTac Airport, and 15 minutes from downtown Seattle.

Three tree point Bread and Breakfast

Chambered Nautilus is another B&B inn in Seattle. It is located at University district of Seattle.

Chambered Nautilus

11th Avenue Inn is a B&B Inn in Seattle with AAA-3 Diamond rating.

11th Avenue Inn

The best and easiest way to book a B&B inn in Seattle is to send an enquiry online giving the inn authority details about your proposed travel plan, date, time of arrival, family size, etc. The rest will be taken care by B&B management with their efficient customer care process and norms of hospitality.

You can look at the B&B official website for their paneled travel agents. If you are coming to Seattle on last minute travel plan, an agency will be better to negotiate your deal; by that time you will be able to wind up your packing.

Seattle travel agent for B&B In booking

Great Guide for Couples: Best Romantic Bed And Breakfasts in Seattle

For couples seeking romance the bed and breakfasts of the shimmering city of Seattle offers the perfect blend of luxury and privacy. To experience an evening by the Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains and the Downtown Skyline you can choose to stay at the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle.

Features of the Edgewater Hotel

A romantic getaway somehow remains incomplete without the inclusion of a tour to the beach. It becomes more romantic when couples get to enjoy a stay near the beautiful Seahurst Public Beach Park on the Puget Sound. The Eagles View Bed and Breakfast offers scintillating views and privacy to the couples visiting this hotel.

Official website of Eagles View Bed and Breakfast

Located at the heart of Seattle is the Villa Heidelberg Bed and Breakfast that offers spectacular views of the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound. It is a 10-minutes ride to downtown by car or a bus. You can also experience a water taxi ride from the West Seattle to the Waterfront Downtown.

Facilities at Villa Heidelberg Bed and Breakfast

Some couples are pretty particular about the luxury factor that a hotel can provide to them. For them Hotel 1000 in Seattle is a superb option. It offers a wide range of amenities and is bound to make your stay romantic and sophisticated.

What to expect at the Hotel 1000 in Seattle?

To have a quick look at all the romantic bed and breakfasts in Seattle you can browse through the internet and even compare the prices. Hotels like Tacoma Bed & Breakfast, Bacon Mansion, Academe Arms, etc.

Location of the bed and breakfasts in Seattle

If you want your bed and breakfast to be located near the Seattle City center and the Pike Place Market then you can choose to stay at the charming 11th Avenue Inn bed & Breakfast at Seattle. It has a number of restaurants in the same neighborhood.

Details of 11th Avenue Inn Bed & Breakfast

Strategies to Remember When Looking for Cheap but Nice Bed And Breakfasts in Seattle

Seattle is the northernmost city in the state of Washington. The bed and breakfast is the building which provides a overnight stay and a breakfast. The tourists who visit the city for a one day trip or fir business purpose can choose the bed and breakfast inns for an overnight stay.

The most popular bed and breakfast Inns in Seattle are Bacon Mansion, 11th Avenue inn, Hill House bed and breakfast, Mildred's bed and breakfast, Green lake guest house, Eagle's view bed and breakfast and many more. The rooms rent will get vary according to the type and size you choose.

Bed and Breakfast in Seattle - visitor's guide

popular bed and breakfast inns in Seattle

Seattle Hill house bed and breakfast in Seattle

You can find the available bed and breakfast inns in Seattle with the help of craigslist and hotel guides. Compare the price and amenities of the inns and choose the best which suites your life style and requirements. Reserve the Inns prior to you visit which avoids inconveniences.

The most popular bed and breakfast inn in Seattle is Seattle house bed and breakfast. The hill house features 8 rooms or suites in different categories like king size, queen size and full size beds. The house offers sitting rooms, flat screen TV, and fridges. The Seattle Hill House provides a fine catering to the business travelers with free Wi-Fi, fax machine and printers.

Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed and breakfast is the fine place for stay in Seattle. The mansion is situated in 14,000 square foot of landscape. The mansion is located in 907, 14th avenue east, Seattle. The mansion is located in the popular neighborhood capital hill. You can enjoy a fine and comfortable stay in Shafer Baillie mansion.

The most favorite bed and breakfast of Seattle is the Bacon Mansion which is located in the historical Harvard Belmont landmark district. The mansion has a 8,000 square feet of living space which offers a comfortable stay. The rooms are available for night stay. The day rooms are available for social and private events.

Shafer Baillie Mansion Bed and breakfast on Capital hill, Seattle

the Bacon Mansion in Seattle

Step by Step Guide to Help You Get Best Deals on Bed and Breakfast in Seattle

Seattle is a major tourist destination in the north western part of America. The city is home to many museums and galleries like the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, Science Fiction Museum and the Seattle Aquarium.

Seattle also hosts numerous events and fairs all round the year like the Seattle International Film Festival and the Bite of Seattle which attracts thousands of tourists from across the world. To cater to all its vacationers as well as thousands of business travelers, the city has a well established network of hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations.

Most bed and breakfast joints in Seattle offer affordable yet clean accommodations with all modern amenities required for urban lifestyle. These accommodations can be found dotted across the city and you can select from the many options in your choice of area. These hotels and inns are suitable for business travelers as they offer amenities like Wi-Fi and work areas as well as great for family vacationers to the city.

The best way to get the ideal hotel for your stay in Seattle is to make advance bookings. A great place to start your search is the internet. Most travel websites list the numerous accommodation options available in the city along with details of the amenities offered in each. These websites not only give information on the room rates but also offer you services of booking your rooms in advance. However, you may want to check out the discounts by calling up the hotels directly.

Another tip to getting a great deal for bed and breakfast accommodations in Seattle is to take note of customers feedback offered by travel websites. These feedbacks give you valuable information about the services and amenities provided in each hotel. A thorough research beforehand will ensure that you have a comfortable as well as affordable stay in the hotel of your choice in Seattle.

Seattle tourism overview

Best bed and breakfasts in Seattle

Guide to selecting best bed and breakfast in Seattle

Seattle Bed and Breakfast Listings Service

The Best Seattle Bed and Breakfast Inns

The city of Seattle is a very popular tourist destination for many different reasons. This is why the place has a lot of different places to stay at. You will get brilliant hotels, cottages, and resorts. You will also get great bed and breakfast inns to stay at. These bead and breakfast inns are a great place to stay when under a budget.

Even if you are not on a tight budget, Seattle (WA) travel experienced people will tell you that the bed and breakfast inns in the city are always comfortable and homely.

1. What is a Bed and Breakfast Inn?

As the name suggest, a Bed and Breakfast Inn is a place where you can get a place to sleep and a breakfast when you wake up. These are often family run businesses that are run out of houses that have bedrooms to spare.

Usually, the house owners themselves do all the work involved including cooking and cleaning. Usually there are common bathrooms that need to be used by the guests but some places also have attached bathrooms in the rooms.

2. Locating the best Bed and Breakfast inns within Seattle

The best inn will vary from person to person. So you should make up you mind as to what exactly is the best place for you. Decide on the features that you want like bathrooms, in house services, etc. Then decide on rates.

Next, you must look for bed and breakfast inns at locations that are convenient for you. You will not find bed and breakfasts within the central areas. You should start with the residential areas near the central locations. Then you can gradually move outwards to find the inns located on the fringes.

Look into local online listings and look for positive reviews from real people.

Always inquire thoroughly after every facility before booking and always book in advance.

Seattle Capitol Hill Bed and Breakfast Service

If you are the one who is new to Seattle travel, then the bed and breakfast service is that you need to know as without knowing this your vacation to Seattle would be incomplete. Capitol Hill is the heart of Seattle and the bed and breakfast service is the major attraction here.

What are the features of this bed and breakfast scheme?

In this bed and breakfast scheme, tourists are provided with a complimentary breakfast if they book a room. In most of the hotels providing this bed and breakfast scheme, continental breakfast along with tea or coffee is provided.

What are the basic amenities present at these bed and breakfast hotels?

Most of the bed and breakfast hotels have basic to luxurious amenities such as cotton linens, bed pillows, iron, comforters, refrigerator, microwave, fireplace, Jacuzzi, work out facility and much more. These amenities usually vary from one hotel to another.

How to make reservations at these bed and breakfast hotels?

Making a reservation keeps you away from the hassles of searching the rooms and wasting the precious time of your vacation. One can either make a call at these hotels or can book the rooms online in mist of the bed and breakfast hotels.

What makes the 11th Avenue B&B a cut above the rest

When you make a Seattle Hotel reservation, you want to ensure that you are getting the best for the money that you put down. Most bed and breakfasts are… just that… they offer you a bed and a meal that passes off for breakfast. But at the 11th Avenue B&B, you are bound to be struck by how at home you feel. This 8-room outfit has very cosy and spacious rooms, the breakfasts are hearty and the decor lovely. You are bound to recommend this place. The Sapphire Room is the most sought after. Find out more about it at

1. What are bed and breakfasts?

A bed and breakfast is a small accommodation option. Normally this would be a local home that has a few bedrooms, usually no more than 10. These are rented out and the place serves only breakfast. Of course some places also offer other meals but on prior request. Breakfast will generally be served in a common dining room or in your room if you so prefer. You can find out more about the concept of bed and breakfasts at

2. Tips when selecting a B&B

There is not set definition on what comes in the room rate of a B&B. Therefore before you make your reservation

- Check for what exactly you are entitled to.

- Check on the kind of breakfast-is it a complete buffet or a continental one of just juice and a few snack.

- Check on activities that these B&Bs offer. Some of them are as interesting as murder mystery to solve.

You will get more tips on the selection of B&Bs at this website

3. Some websites to help you out.

If you are driving to 11th Avenue B&B, here are the directions

Locate some of the best Bed and Breakfast deals across the globe

Mildred's Bed and Breakfast Seattle

When traveling to Seattle, it is a good idea to check in at only the best that offer great hospitality. Finding a place with bed and breakfast in Seattle can be a daunting task, but with the right information, you can find a good bed and breakfast hotel. One such place with such welcoming staff and good breakfast is the Mildred's Bed and Breakfast Seattle. With a Victorian style that meets a traditional setting, this place is like a home away from home.

What's more about this bed and breakfast?

At the heart of the city, this bed and breakfast hotel is simply the best. For a feeling of security and warmth, the place has a fireplace, a grand piano, red carpet, and a beautiful and unique stairway. This place has three guestrooms just like a family home. Just like the other hotels Seattle WA visitors are treated to the best.

Features of Mildred's bed and breakfast

- Carpeted floors

- Queen size beds

- Comfortable seating areas

- Televisions and VCR's

- Convenience to amenities

- Great breakfast and treats

The guides to the other bed and breakfast hotels in Seattle

You can find many other bed and breakfast hotels here