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Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a world-renowned museum, sporting 3 of its distinctive venues - a downtown museum, an Asian art museum and an outdoor Olympic sculpture park. Being a member of the Washington Art Consortium, SAM pursues the goal of serving and promoting the appreciation, understanding and education of art. Enjoy the museum's educational programs for schools, family, adult public and community. Want to know how to participate in the programs and plan an educational field trip to Seattle Art Museum? Find answers in our dedicated introduction and tour guide articles for SAM.
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Seattle Art Museum Parking Information

Often referred to as the SAM, the Seattle Art Museum is an internationally renowned art museum in Seattle, Washington. It is a member of the Washington Art Consortium and makes a great contribution to promoting the understanding and appreciation of art. Actually, the Seattle Art Museum comprises three major facilities: the main museum which can be found in downtown Seattle, the Olympic Sculpture Park situated at the central Seattle waterfront and the Seattle Asian Art Museum placed in Volunteer Park.

Today, the Seattle Art Museum provides about 312,000 square feet of exhibition space and houses approximately 25,000 pieces of art works. Apart from an array of permanent exhibitions, the museum also furnishes its guests with an abundance of traveling exhibits. It mainly features Northwest coast native American art and contemporary art and so on. With a diversity of collections on display, the Seattle Art Museum always has something for every taste.

Started in 1933, the Seattle Art Museum has a truly rich history. Since its interception, the museum has been dedicated to promoting the acceptance of art among its visitors, both children and adults. It is one of the great museums in the city boasting a wealth of children's resources, including various kid-friendly exhibits and playrooms. All in all, the Seattle Art Museum is a wonderful destination worth everyone's visit.

Home Page of the Seattle Art Museum

The SAM Downtown, along with Seattle Asian Art Museum and Olympic Sculpture Park, is a lively international hub for interesting exhibitions, cultural activities and educational programs. Special events for kids aged 5 to 12 and activities for teens and adults are provided as well. Since the Seattle Art Museum always tries so hard to please its visitors, you are sure to have a wonderful experience at the museum.

No matter what kind of transportation tools you are going to take advantage of, it would be very easy for you to get to the Seattle Art Museum. For those who opt to drive to the museum, parking is also a breeze. The SAM does not own or operate any parking facility at present. But the Russell Investment Parking Garage located in the vicinity is open for visitors to the museum. Being an ADA-accessible parking garage, the Russell Investment Parking Garage also offers an elevator for visitors to get to the main entrance of the museum directly.

Parkers can get into this parking garage through its entrance placed on Union Street, between First and Second Avenues. The address of the Russell Investment Parking Garage is 1301 Second Avenue, Seattle, Washington. Generally, this parking garage would be open for visitors from 9 am until midnight on Saturdays, and from 10 am through 10 pm on Sundays. When it comes to weekdays, the parking garage opens at 6 am and does not close until 10 pm.

The parking rate of the Russell Investment Parking Garage would be quite different on weekdays and weekends. For people driving to the museum on weekdays, parking would be charged 6 dollars for the first 30 minutes, while the second 30 minutes costs another 2 dollars. The third and forth 30 minutes would cost you 3 and 2 dollars respectively. You will have to pay 16 dollars for parking your vehicle at the garage for 3 hours, while stay for an extra hour needs 2 more dollars.

Parking exceeding 4 hours but less than 5 hours would be charged 21 dollars. And then by paying two additional dollars, you can park your car at the Russell Investment Parking Garage for as more as 9 hours. Parking exceeding 9 hours but within 24 hours would be charged 25 dollars at this parking garage.

If possible, consider driving to the Seattle Art Museum on weekends, since parking rate on weekends are much more affordable. Stay within an hour would only be charged 4 dollars. Thereafter, parking is one dollar per hour at the garage. If you need to park your vehicle at the Russell Investment Parking Garage for more than 3 hours, the flat parking rate would be 8 dollars per day.

Note that, entering the parking garage after 5 pm and leaving before midnight on both weekdays and weekends would cost 7 dollars. And if you opt for overnight parking at the Russell Investment Parking Garage, remember that the standard parking fee is 29 dollars. Visitors driving to the museum on event days should keep in mind that event parking rate of this garage would be as posted. Besides, the fees mentioned above are subject to change anytime without notice. For the latest information, you need to check the official website of the museum.

Latest Information regarding Parking Rates

In addition to the large Russell Investment Parking Garage, lots of other parking facilities situated in the neighborhood of the museum also furnish visitors with ample parking spaces. If you happen to arrive at the museum and find the Russell Investment Parking Garage has been filled to capacity, these parking options around the Seattle Art Museum would help a lot.

1) Ampco Parking Garage

This great parking structure can be found at 1400 Second Avenue, with its entrance placed on both Second Avenue and Union Street. Normally, it opens at 6 am and does not close until midnight from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays, the Ampco Parking Garage would open from 6 am to 2 am, while its operation hours are from 8 am to 2 am on Saturdays. As to Sundays, this parking garage would be available from 10 am until midnight. For more details about this parking garage, you can call (206)254-0865.

2) Harbor Steps Parking Garage

Seated at 1200 Western Avenue, the Harbor Steps Parking Garage can be reached at (206)218-2968. Its entrance can be found on Western Avenue. As with the Russell Investment Parking Garage, this parking facility is also an ADA-accessible parking garage. It offers an elevator to transport parkers to First Avenue and University Street.

From Monday to Friday, the Harbor Steps Parking Garage would open at 7 am and close at 7 pm. When it comes to weekends, the operation hours of this garage are from 10 am to 7 pm.

3) Benaroya Hall Garage

Visitors can find this parking garage at 200 University Street. The entrance of the Beneroya Hall Garage is located on Second Avenue, south of Union Street. Generally, this parking garage would open from 6 am to 7 pm on weekdays. Its operation hours on weekends vary based on events. For any question about this facility, you can call (206)215-4709.

4) Newmark Garage

The Newmark Garage lies in the intersection of Second Avenue and Union Street. You can enter this parking garage through Union Street, between First and Second Avenues. On weekdays, the garage would be available from 6 am until 11 pm. As for weekends, the garage would not open until 9 am but close at as early as 7 pm. For parking fee or other information, call (206)624-7965.

Three Major Facilities in Seattle Art Museum: Its Main Museum, Seattle Asian Art Museum and Olympic Sculpture Park Tours

Seattle Art Museum which is commonly referred to as SAM is one of the art museum which is located in 1300. 1st Avenue, Seattle WA - 98101. The museum operates between 10 AM to 5 PM from Tuesday to Sunday and remains closed on Monday. The museum extensively features 25,000 different types of art works under its 25,000 square feet area. Amongst the most notable exhibits at museum are Treasures of Tutankhamun, paintings from Samuel H Kress and Van Gogh exhibit.

Seattle Art Museum Official Site

During 2006, the main museum underwent expansion alongside joint effort from Washington Mutual. As a result the enlarged building of museum is referred to as WaMu Center and museum owns 12 floors which are designed by architect Brad Cloepfil. Today the expanded building features extra gallery space, new restaurant and a museum store. In addition the museum conducts several events through the year and tries to bring people from various backgrounds under one roof.

Seattle Art Museum on Wiki

Seattle Asian Art Museum is an art museum that's dedicated for Asian Art. The museum is located in Volunteer Park and it occupies Art Moderne building that initially served as home for main collection of Seattle Art Museum. The museum operates between 10 AM to 5 PM from Wednesday to Sunday and remains closed on Monday & Tuesday. The admission tickets are priced at 7 US dollars for adults and 5 US dollars for senior citizens & students.

Home Page of Seattle Asian Art Museum

Olympic Sculpture Park is another popular public park located in 2901, Western Avenue, Seattle WA - 98121. The park is open for publics and features free admission on all 365 days of a year. Olympic Sculpture Park operates between 10 AM to 4 PM from Tuesday to Sunday and remains closed on Monday.

Olympic Sculpture Park Official Site

Seattle Art Museum Restaurants Guide

Look for a place in Seattle to get immersed in the art-modern ambience? Drop in for an extensive collection and exhibit of fine art works across history and culture? Then come to Seattle Art Museum and you will never go wrong with it!

This art museum consists of three separate facilities, including the main location in Downtown Seattle, the Seattle Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, and the Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle's waterfront. These three branches feature different collections and exhibits, for instance, the SAAM focuses on the art works and artifacts of the Asia continent like China, Japan and Korea, while the OSP is the home to an awesome assortment of sculpture works free to the public. You can visit the homepage of Seattle Art Museum to get fully familiarized.

Seattle Art Museum

To enhance visitors' experience, Seattle Art Museum operates a Taste Restaurant in the main campus and a Taste Cafe at the Olympic Sculpture Park. Whether you are going to visit the museum, or just want to come in for a tasty dinner, the SAM Taste is looking forward to spicing up your day and doubling your fun in Seattle. Our article is here to offer you a handy guide on these two dining places. Have a check to see whether there is anything getting your mouth watered.

- SAM Taste Restaurant is located in the main campus of Seattle Art Museum at 1300 First Avenue, Seattle. This restaurant nourishes the guests to museum as well as the community with soul-satisfying food made from the best local ingredients. It commits itself to creating an inviting dining atmosphere and giving a twist to all traditional flavors throughout the world.

SAM Taste Restaurant

Taste Restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 11 am to midnight on Thursday to Saturday, offering lunch, dinner, happy hours (3 pm to 6 pm), and late night (10 pm to midnight). On Sunday, the service starts at 10 am until 4 pm and brunch is offered all day. You can visit the website below to check the detailed menu info.


If you can not find the info useful to you above, please call at 206-903-5291. You can also make reservation via this hotline, or via internet.

Make Reservation Online

- Taste Cafe is located at 2901 Western Avenue, in Olympic Sculpture Park. This cafe offers simple quick fare out of fresh, seasonal and sustainable ingredients, delivering authentic Seattle flavor and pleasing even the most discerning guests. The features of this venue include homemade seasonal soup, fresh baked scones, ice cream sandwiches, specialty drinks, and organic snacks.

Taste Cafe is closed during fall-winter season, and open from mid-June to Labor Day. Specifically, it is open from 11 am to 4 pm Tuesday through Sunday, closed on Monday. A PDF seasonal menu is available on the website below. Make time for an exquisite dinner in this modest cafe if your visit falls after mid-June.

Taste Cafe

Does anything make your palate sizzle on Taste's menus? Please wait a minute, let Taste Reward Coffee Punch Card do you a favor! You can download its PDF form at the bottom of the website below. With this card, you can enjoy one free coffee after every ten cups. It is valid at both Taste Restaurant and Cafe. What's more, Taste Reward Card benefits the holder with a $10 discount for the next dining experience after ten visits.

TASTE Rewards Punch Cards

Still feel hungry for more dining options? Let the following list quench your thirst. To accommodate visitors with various needs, we have collected restaurants close to the main campus of Seattle Art Museum below. You can refer to Citysearch to find dining sites near Seattle Asian Art Museum and Olympic Sculpture Park.


- Guaymas Cantina: 1303 First Avenue

- Ben & Jerry's: 1250 First Avenue

- Miss Saigon Cuisine: 1335 First Avenue

- Starbucks: 1301 Second Avenue W Ste 200

- Dukes Chowder Bar: 1323 Second Avenue

- Seattle's Best Coffee: 1323 Second Avenue

- Ipanema Brazilian Grill: 1225 First Avenue

The Seattle Art Museum Hours and Days

Which hours and days?-Currently, Seattle art museum is open fro ten in the morning to five in the afternoon on Sundays; ten in morning to nine in the night on Thursdays and Fridays while on Mondays and Tuesdays the museum is closed.

Which Changes to expect?-In the beginning of the first week of September, some changes are bound to occur, for instance, the museum will be closed on Tuesdays only.

Are There Free Days? We provide free programs such as accessing the special exhibitions, collections and installations free on first Thursdays; first Fridays for the elderly above 61 years and second Fridays between five in the evening and nine in the night for children between 13 and 19 years.

Are there after hours programs? Seattle museum after hours programs include Thursday the o October first from 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm; October eighth from 5.30pm to 7.30 pm and October the fifteenth from 7.30 pm to 8.30 pm for free museum admissions for all ages, SAM art of jazz, and SAM word ( free for all ages) festivals respectively.

Where to get the information-To get updated on the happenings in the Seattle are calendar follow the reviews in the Seattle hotel reviews.

Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park

SAM or Seattle Art Museum sculpture park is a world renowned art haven that is well-loved by locals and travelers. SAM's Olympic Sculpture Park began to amaze people last January 20, 2007. You don't have to pay any fee if you want to watch its great works of art because admission is absolutely free.

- How the sculpture park came to be

The Olympic Sculpture Park used to be an industrial site that was occupied by a gas and oil corporation - Unocal. It then became a polluted and tainted brownfield and after sometime SAM decided to transform it into a green space.

- Who made it possible

Thanks to many donations from big sponsors the Olympic Sculpture Park became alive in downtown Seattle. One of its biggest donors, Mary and Jon Shirley, former Microsoft CEO and Chairman of SAM board of directors, gave a gift of thirty million dollars to for the development of the park.

- When to visit the park

You can visit the park anytime you want because it is open three hundred sixty five days a year. The sculpture park usually opens thirty minutes before sunrise and closes thirty minutes after sunset. The best days to visit the park is during clear days wherein you can take a good look at its beautiful displays.

For more details about the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park you can access Seattle travel info online.

Which Seattle art museums are worthy of your visit

Art lovers and those who have an eye for beauty always go to Seattle Washington to visit the city's art museums. Seattle is home to a number of art museums that features artists of different genres. You can find oil painters, sketch artists, sculptors, virtual artists and a lot more in the walls of its museums. If you wanted to have a piece of Seattle's creative art, here are some of the popular art museums that you can go to.

1. Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum is also fondly referred to as SAM. It is one of the main attractions when you go to downtown Seattle. Here, you can find a number almost 25,000 art pieces of that would leave you in awe. It houses the "eagle" of Alexander Calder and "wake" of Richard Serra. You can find a number of sculptures that are very modern and impressive. Most of the artists featured in the gallery are Italian painters and modern sculptors. It also houses the one of the largest collection of 20th century paintings from Mark Tobey and Jacob Lawrence.

2. Frey Art Museum

Located at the First Hill neighborhood, the Frey Art Museum is another place worth the visit in Seattle. It has paintings and sculptures from way back 19th century and it also houses modern art pieces. Some of the great artists that museum portrays are Eugene Isabey, Felix Ziem, Eugene Boudin, Franz von Lenbach and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

Because of the popularity of museums in Seattle, you can find a number of near these art houses. To find the best hotels in Seattle, you can read Seattle hotel reviews that you can find online.

Buy Charming Gifts from Seattle Art Museum Gift Shop

If you dont want to buy some run of the mill mementos for your friend and family back home during your visit to Seattle then you need not be woebegone. You can find a wide array of art and craft gifts in Seattle Art Museum gift shops. Starting from hand-made painting to beautifully sculpted figurines you can procure a lot of charming gifts in Seattle Art Museum gift shops. So, go ahead and find out some appealing hidden treasures for you loved ones from Seattle Art Museum gift shop during your Seattle travelling.

Find out more about Seattle Museum Gift Shop from its official Website

SAM shop is a unique gift shop housed in Seattle Art Museum. This amazing gift shop would simply woo art lovers with its wide array of items which are on sale there. Starting from modern art for discerning art lovers to amazing hand crafted toys for kids you will get it all here. You can even find out some delicate and ornamental hand-made jewellery here which you can buy for yourself or your loved one.

Thus, if you want to charm your near and dear ones with some off-beat yet lovely gifts then you should surely drop into SAM Shop during your visit to Seattle. Find out about the opening hours of this charming gift shop at Seattle Art museum all from this website.

Info about Seattle Museum gift Shop from

If are a seasoned art lover and want buy some aesthetically appeal piece of art for yourself or your near and dear ones then the Seattle Art Museum Gift shops which are also know as SAM shops would be ideal for you. The newly opened SAM store in Seattle would make it just a cakewalk for your to choose a beautiful gift for your friend and family. Once you drop into Seattle Art Museum gift shop you would really be spoilt for choice. Check out the beautiful gift items you can find at Seattle Art Museum gift shop from