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The Seattle Aquarium is a public aquarium on Pier 59 in Seattle in the Elliot Bay waterfront. The Aquarium opened on May 20, 1977 and is owned and operated by the City of Seattle, Department of Parks and Recreation. The Seattle Aquarium is also quite a vital force for the marine conversation that is uniquely positioned to help over the 800,000 visitors. This includes the 50,000 students that go to the Seattle Aquarium that go there in order to understand the marine life. Click on our travel articles and learn more about Seattle Aquarium.
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Seattle Aquarium Parking and Other Information

Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington, is known for a variety of things like the Space Needle, Starbucks and the Marine. However, unbeknownst to many visitors, the Emerald City also offers a wealth of family-friendly attractions apt for folks of all ages.

Seattle Aquarium is just worth a visit for both young and old alike. Located on Pier 59, the award-winning Seattle Aquarium boasts an impressive number of creatures from the Puget Sound area and other underwater places. With a variety of exhibitions and preservation education, the aquarium offers fun and exciting ways that help you discover more about the fascinating Puget Sound that surrounds you.

Exhibitions at the Seattle Aquarium

As the Seattle Aquarium is located on Pier 59 on the Waterfront (The physical address: 1483 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101), it is easily accessible by various means of transportation. For instance, Metro Transit offers many bus routes to take you within a 15-minute walk of the aquarium.

Metro's Route 99 is just one of them. The bus travels north on First Avenue from the International District and Pioneer Square to Broad Street. Then it goes north along the Waterfront on Alaskan Way and makes a stop in front of the aquarium. Click here for more transit and ferry links:

However, for those who prefer to drive to the venue, it is also a convenient way that can take you to the aquarium, as parking is not a hassle. Although Seattle Aquarium doesn't have its own parking garages, there are two parking garages exclusively serving visitors to the aquarium including Republic Parking Hillclimb Garage and Pike Place Market Parking Garage. They are located across the street from the aquarium. The normal hours for Pike Place Market Parking Garage are from 6am to 12am 7 days a week.

As the main parking garage for the aquarium, Republic Parking Hillclimb Garage is open from 6am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and from 9:30am to 6pm from Saturday to Sunday. If you park at this garage, you will receive $1 off your fee. To receive the discount stamp, you need to present your parking ticket to the aquarium's customer service desk.

For aquarium members who use this garage, there is $1 off the fee per hour, with the maximum of $3 discount per visit. They also need to show parking ticket to the aquarium's customer service desk and then put the membership name / number on the parking ticket before paying. To learn about Seattle Aquarium Membership, click here:

Seattle Aquarium Membership

If you have more questions about Republic Parking Hillclimb Garage, call (206) 622-7672. Additionally, two hour metered parking is also available along the waterfront and underneath the Alaskan Way viaduct.

In addition to the aforementioned parking facilities, Central Parking System also operates a parking garage with close proximity to Seattle Aquarium. This is an indoor parking facility, located at 721 1st Avenue. The hours of operation are from 6am to 9pm from Monday to Wednesday, from 6am to 2am from Thursday and Friday, from 10am to 2am on Saturday and from 10am to 10pm on Sunday.

To park at the garage, you will be charged:

- 20 minutes: $3

- 40 minutes: $5

- 1 hour: $7

- 2 hours: $10

- 3 hours: $12

- 4 hours: $14

- 5 hours: $15

- 24 hours: $18

The garage accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and cash as forms of payment. If you have additional questions, call (206) 624-1755.

More parking garages are listed below.

- Public Market Parking (Location: 1531 Western Avenue; Contact: 206-621-0469)

- Diamond Parking (Location: 1415 5th Avenue; Contact: 206-264-1355)

- Standard Parking (Location: 315 Union Street; Contact: 206-623-8572)

- West Edge (Location: 200 Pike Street; Contact: 206-340-8258)

- Seattle Tower Garage (Location: 1218 3rd Avenue #200; Contact: 206-624-2473)

- United Parking (Location: 1200 Western Avenue #101; Contact: 206-749-9089)

- Ampco System Parking (Location: 1400 2nd Avenue; Contact: 206-716-1660)

For visitors who plan to ride a bike to the Seattle Aquarium, there is also new Octopus bike rack just north of the main entrance of the aquarium.

Need a break during your visit? As a great addition, Seattle Aquarium also boasts an on-site cafe where you can take a break while touring the venue. You can enjoy a cup of coffee and bakery treat at its coffee bar. From seafood, burgers, sandwiches to salads and soups, the cafe has something to please everyone.

Located on the second floor, the cafe offers spectacular views of the New Puget Sound Great Hall and Window on Washington Waters exhibit. There is also an outdoor balcony with stunning views of Elliott Bay, perfect for relaxing on nice days. The hours of the cafe are from 9:30am to 4pm on weekdays and from 11am to 4pm on weekends.

If you would like to have a more luxurious dining experience, there are also many restaurants near the Seattle Aquarium to serve your needs. To explore the restaurants in the nearby area, visit this page:

Restaurants near the Seattle Restaurant

Basic Guide to Seattle Aquarium - a Nationally Recognized Aquatic Educational Center

Recognized as one of the most important educational and recreational centers in Seattle, the city's Aquarium boasts of an entirely different experience for everyone who may even be visiting the second time. With an assortment of beautiful water life creatures, the park has become a favorite due to the local orca whales, glowing jellyfishes and other species promising a truly unique experience.

Exhibits and attractions for kids at the Seattle Aquarium reviews on Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium is known to host popular events all around the year, with most of them pertaining to entertainment and board meetings targeting public awareness, entertainment for children and adults, mostly to do with beach activities and naturalization of human behavior. Classic weekend activities however seem to be more popular with regulars and members at the venue.

School field trips are one of the most attractive elements when it comes to avaialing the services of the Seattle Aquarium. The programs can be booked conveniently about 3 - 4 weeks in advance, allowing schools and other learning organizations some exciting opportunities to gain first hand experience of water life and science. The school programs guide is available on the Aquarium website for details on the curriculum.

School field trips at Seattle Aquarium

Conservational activities are also conducted and they include "Green" practices. Volunteers usually turn out in commendable number in order to carry out conservational programs also invite participation of the general public who may be resident or visiting in the city of Seattle.

Conservation at Seattle Aquarium

Innovative Ways to Acquire Cheap Admission Tickets to Seattle Aquarium

A visit to Seattle will remain incomplete without paying a visit to the Seattle Aquarium that also doubles as a marine life conservation center. With a sprawling campus and a 2625 square foot gift store, the Seattle Aquarium attracts over 800,000 visitors annually.

Seattle Aquarium

Admission fees to the Aquarium costs $17 and an Aquarium cruise costs $30. However there are some ways of acquiring Cheap Admission Tickets to the Seattle Aquarium. These are -

Acquiring the Seattle Aquarium membership. Those availing the Seattle Aquarium membership are entitled to an unlimited access to the Aquarium for an entire year and that too while availing other benefits.


Grab your Seattle City Pass - availing the Seattle City Pass makes the tourists entitled to six star attractions of the city, the Seattle Aquarium being one of them. The whole package costs around $60. That means entry to the Seattle Aquarium costs only $10 on producing the Seattle City Pass.

Seattle City Pass

Collect the Seattle Aquarium Coupon - availing the Sun Aquarium Coupon is another great option to acquire cheap admission tickets. The Sun Aquarium Coupon allows discounts on the admission tickets and also on the gifts bought from the Seattle Aquarium gift center.

Seattle Aquarium Coupon

Seattle Aquarium offers coupons that can be found attached to different tourist guides, brochures and magazines. These periodicals can be picked up from the hotels.

Where to Find Coupons and Discounts

Purchasing an Entertainment Coupon Book makes a visitor entitled to free admission to the Seattle Aquarium.

Where to Find Coupons and Discounts

Try these few innovative ways and get cheap admission to the Seattle Aquarium that features a wide range of marine life - from the killer whales to the seals, from the sea anemones to the seals, from the corals to octopuses, the Seattle Aquarium has everything to offer to its visitors.

Basic Info to Know Before Visiting Seattle Aquarium: Hours, Exhibits and Fees

The Seattle Aquarium is the public aquarium which was founded in the year 1977. The Seattle Aquarium is a home to marine conservation. The Aquarium is located with a feature to help over 800,000 visitors each year. The aquarium was reopened in 2007 with 18,000 square feet extension, and 2,625 square feet of gift store and Seattle Aquarium cafe.

The Seattle Aquarium is located at 1483, Alaskan Way (Pier 59), Seattle 98101. The Exhibits of Seattle aquarium are as follows:

- Windows on Washington Waters

- Life On the Edge

- Life of a Drifter

- Pacific Coral Reef

- Ocean Oddities

- Birds and Shores

- Puget sound fish

- Under water dome

- Marine mammals

List of Seattle Aquarium Exhibits

Map of the Seattle Aquarium Exhibits

About the Seattle Aquarium

The Windows on Washington Waters is a 120,000 gallon exhibit of Seattle Aquarium. The Marine Mammals exhibit features the sea otters, harbor seals and fur seals. The Marine Mammals is the most action packed part of the Seattle Aquarium. The Marine Mammal exhibit has a special feature of under water mammal viewing area from which the visitors can view the seals and the sea otters.

The aquarium is open for 365 days a year. The aquarium can be visited from 9.30am to 5pm daily. The admission free for the aquarium if $17 for adult, $11 for youth (age 4 to 12) and children under the age of 3 are admitted free. The admission fee for the Aquarium and Argosy Harbor cruise is: $30 for adult, $19.25 for youth from the age 6 to 12 and $11 for the children from the age 4 to 5. the children under the age of 3 are admitted free.

The aquarium offer discount coupons and the city pass. The city pass is a ticket for Seattle aquarium, Argosy cruises Seattle harbor tour, Seattle space needle, Pacific science center, woodland park zoo and the museum of Flight. The charge of city pass is $59 ands $39 fro adults and youth respectively.

Admission fee for the aquarium

Seattle Aquarium coupons

Beach Naturalist Program of Seattle Aquarium: Add Fun to Your Summer Vacation

The dry and mild days of summer are the best climate in Seattle for fun and frolic. The clear and sunny, almost Mediterranean like weather is great for you and your family to enjoy the many attractions the city has to offer.

One of the favorite attractions of the city is the Seattle Aquarium, equally popular among the residents of and visitors to Seattle alike. Although the Seattle Aquarium has many exhibits, programs, and events, the Beach Naturalist Program is one of the most attractive one there.

Seattle Aquarium

The Beach Naturalist Program is formed by the local citizens of Seattle who have come together to study and protect the unique geology and flora and fauna of Puget Sound Beach. With over 100 volunteers, the Beach Naturalist program inspires and educates the visitors to the area, both domestic and foreign, about the creatures and sustainable entertainment to the visitors while protecting the local ecology.

Beach Naturalist Program

Program Details and Calendar

The Puget Sound is actually a bay which is fed by numerous water branches and channels. The salt water estuaries are fed by large seasonal fresh watersheds. The area is home to many exotic animal, sea creatures and plant life. The Geoducks or the king clams and the orcas, the amazing tooth whales form the main tourist attractions to this area. Other exotic creatures of the area are the Stellar Sea Lion, Harbor Seal, and Northern Elephant Seal. The visitors can occasionally spot Gray Whales, Humpbacks and Minkes as well.

About Puget Beach

The Seattle Aquarium releases regular updated calendars of the programs held by the beach naturalists. These programs are spread over the main areas of the Puget Sound beach like Carkeek Park, South Alki, Golden Gardens, Lincoln Park, Richmond Beach, and Seahurst. These summer vacation programs offer a unique educational and recreational opportunity to the visitors to the Seattle Aquarium.

Seattle Aquarium Jobs Information

Opening its gate to the public in May, 1977, the Seattle Aquarium is a member of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium (AZA). It is a public aquarium full of fun and excitement. Situated right on the Elliott Bay waterfront, the Seattle Aquarium is a wonderful vacation destination, especially for families. Being newly renovated, this fantastic aquarium features a wide selection of interesting exhibits which are sure to keep you engaged and amused.

In addition to creating wonderful experience and memories for visitors, the Seattle Aquarium also does an unparalleled job in conserving undersea creatures. Besides, the aquarium spares no effort to help its visitors, both children and adults, to understand and be aware of the impact human beings have on benthos. Boasting a wide range of species, it has been regarded as the seventh largest aquarium in the nation in terms of attendance.

The Seattle Aquarium consists of six different exhibitions: Window on Washington Waters, Puget Sound Orcas Family Activity Center, Life on the Edge, Puget Sound Fish & Underwater Dome, Marine Mammals and Pacific Coral Reef. And each of these exhibits is truly enchanting and interesting in its own way.

Official Website of the Seattle Aquarium

More Details about the Seattle Aquarium

Housing a diversity of underwater creatures, ranging from giant octopus to sea lions, the Seattle Aquarium would definitely offer every visitor an eye-opening experience. However, this fabulous aquarium is more than just an attractive tourist destination. It also acts as one of the most charming places in the city for people to work. Want to begin your career at the Seattle Aquarium? You are in the right place. A couple of job openings for the Seattle Aquarium are available at present.

1) Education Assistant-Camp & Family Programs

This position requires individuals who are able to adapt to office tasks and instructing classes. When needed, the education assistant should integrate into any other program positions as well. Successful candidates would report to the Camp & Family Programs Coordinator.

Main responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

- Support for various Camp and Family Programs organized by the Seattle Aquarium

- In charge of the Camp Participant Log as well as Health Log

- Maintain first aid kits and incident reports for participants of various programs

- Provide before and after care for participants of summer programs

- Perform other tasks when necessary

Essential skills and experiences:

- At least 2 years of experience in interacting with kids and teens

- Minimum of 2 years of experience working in aquariums, zoos or similar institutions

- Strong background in education, child development or related field

- Great English communication skills

- Wonderful leadership and management skills

More Details about Education Assistant

2) Camp Counselor

This is also a temporary position and the qualified applicant would report to the Camp & Family Programs Coordinator as well. The Camp Counselor should be able to work for the aquarium at the following dates/times:

- Pre Camp Season-June 20 to 24 and June 27 to 31, 2011

- Camp Season Runs-July 5 to August 26, 2011

- Post Camp Season-August 29 to September 2, 2011

Main responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

- Ensure the safety of all the participants of Camp and Family Programs

- Manage and lead a group of 8 to 10 participants

- Conduct activities according to the schedules and encourage every camper to take part in

- Serve as a model and communication link of all the campers

- Give support to both Lead Camp Instructor and Volunteer Counselors

Essential skills and experiences:

- Previous experience in working for aquariums, environmental education center or other related institutions

- Abilities to interact with diverse and socio-economic audiences

- Strong leadership skills and excellent management skills

- Basic knowledge of marine science and conservation

Updated Information about Camp Counselor

Posts of the positions mentioned above will be expired on May 8, 2011. So if you are interested in any of them, remember to send your resume as well as a one page letter of your interests to

3) Web and Social Media Coordinator

This is a regular full time position. And successful candidates would report to the Director of Marketing. The person is mainly responsible for coordinating and executing web & media participation of the aquarium and developing web programming & social media content. Normally, the work hours of this job are from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays. As for weekends, the person might be required to work sometimes.

Main responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

- Oversee the content of the official website of the Seattle Aquarium

- Upload the latest information and update social media content

- Help with annual marketing plan and day to day operational plan

- Record and analyze the performances of official website as well as social media

- Perform other related duties as assigned

Essential skills and experiences:

- Basic knowledge of website structure and Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint

- Strong computer skills and excellent graphic design skills

- BS/BA in business, marketing or general equivalent diploma

- Previous experience in project and content management

Learn More about This Job

The post for Web and Social Media Coordinator would be closed on May 15, 2011. If you act as soon as possible, you can still catch a chance to obtain this job. Simply email PDF of cover letter, along with your resume, to

Apart from full time or temporary jobs, the Seattle Aquarium also provides an abundance of volunteer opportunities for both teens and adults. Its Adult Programs furnish people with chances to meet people with similar interests and interact with guests of different age groups. Plus, the Internships at the Seattle Aquarium aim to encourage participants to learn more about the zoo and aquarium field.

For more information about Adult Programs of the aquarium, you can call (2060386-4342. If you have any question about Internships at the aquarium, contact Katrina Bettis at The volunteer office of the Seattle Aquarium is located at 1483 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington, United States. If necessary, you can also pay a visit to the office.

Note that, positions regarding the High School Program for 2011 summer are not available now. If you would like to take part in High School Program, consider applying for positions related to 2011-1012 School Year. To learn more about the High School Program of the aquarium, you can request a brochure at

The Latest Information about Volunteer Opportunities

Seattle Aquarium Coupons - Where to Find the Best Deals

Many Seattle travel guides urge for tourists and visitors to come and see the one and only Seattle Aquarium. This aquarium had been open since 1977 with more than 20 million visitors since it opened. Before we get you the best deals and coupons on Seattle Aquarium, let's get to know the basic facts first.

Where is the Seattle Aquarium located?

- Seattle aquarium is located at 1483 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98101. Get to know how to get there by reading through this site:

What are the hours of operation?

- They are open from 9 am to 5 pm daily. Check out their official website to get the holiday hours:

What can I expect from Seattle Aquarium?

- Expect a whole lot of fun for the whole family! Check out this attractions and photos:

What social media site is Seattle Aquarium a member of?

- Facebook- it's a great way to get updated and follow events on Seattle aquarium.

Where can I get the best deals and discount coupons for Seattle Aquarium?

- Here are some great resources to get discounts and coupons.

- Official site:

- Seattle Toursaver -

- Ebay -

- City pass: Seattle-

How do I get a Seattle Aquarium Coupon

The Seattle Aquarium is one of the natural tourist attractions in the area of Washington. It is actually a marine conservation for marine animals. The Puget Sound, one of the endangered species of the marine life, is one of the animals that the Seattle Aquarium wants to protect. It has over 8000,000 visitors annually and continued to open its doors to aqua enthusiasts and tourists from all over the globe.

The Seattle Aquarium is operated and wholly owned by the City of Seattle under the Department of Parks and Recreation. Seattle Aquarium Society, a nonprofit organization is the sole and official group that handles the many activities of this famed Seattle attraction. Regular hours start at 9:30 in the morning and closes at 5PM.

Seattle Aquarium on

What are its fees?

The Seattle Aquarium admission prices starts at $10.50 for youth ages 4 to 12 and $16 for adults ages 13 and up. Children under three years are free. If you want to experience the Argosy Harbor Cruise in Seattle Aquarium, you have to pay for $28 for adults, $17 for youth and $10 for children. If you think you can only get Seattle hotel discounts in this part of Washington, you can also get good deals on Seattle Aquarium admission fees with a discount coupon.

Official website of Seattle Aquarium

Where to get a Seattle Aquarium ticket?

If you are online surfer, you can take advantage of the many discount coupons that you can find online. You can also find some good deals and discounts on Seattle Aquarium tickets such as in the link below.

Plan a Visit according to the Seattle Aquarium Hours

When planning to visit this place according to the Seattle Aquarium hours it is very important that you visit their online information and tourist information. This is to aid keeping you within the designed schedule which includes different aspects such as appropriate hours, booking fees and methods of getting there. This is very important since it keeps you in line with the upcoming events and so can arrange on the shopping and exhibits that can be visited within the holiday.

How are the hotel rates within the Seattle place?

Rates of all Seattle hotel deals are usually fluctuating according to different seasons that affect tourist levels. The hotel rates are usually very high during spring and summer when the weather is friendly for most activities. During this time even water activities are possible especially for kids. However during winter the rates are usually down because of fewer tourists.

How are the Educational Programs within the Seattle Aquarium?

Summer educational programs are offered to enthusiasts students. They are always allowed in the company of their parents. These activities include art projects, composing songs, puppetry, fishing and taming live animals which are man friendly.

Objective of Seattle Washington Aquarium Establishment

If you are a traveller Seattle, a trip to the Seattle Washington Aquarium is something you just shouldnt miss. Since its inception in May 20th 1977, people have been singing Seattle Washington Aquariums praises. A City of Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation undertaking, the Seattle Washington Aquarium has accrued enough kudos over the years. And there are certainly no doubts about that since this Aquarium targets at conserving marine fauna. Seattle Washington Aquarium attempts at aggrandizing awareness among people about the impact they have on marine habitat.

Seattle Washington Aquarium - What to expect

A traveller Seattle agenda should include a trip to the Seattle Washington Aquarium as well in order to explore the beautiful and exquisite marine world. You can witness exclusive species of octopus, fishes, Pacific coral reef and other sea creatures. Get to know more on Seattle Washington Aquarium at the following link

Some mind boggling facts about the Seattle Washington Aquarium

1) 19.9 million tourists have visited the Seattle Washington Aquarium since its establishment in 1977

2) 8,15000 visitors according to the updated stats dropped in to witness the marine life in 1998

3) There are 75 full time personnel employed under the patronage of the Director, John Braden

4) Annual operating budget accounts to a whopping $10.3 million.

For more such quick facts and details about the Seattle Washington Aquarium, browse through the following link Hence, a visit to this marvel is certainly an imperative move!