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The Pike Place Market is a famous public market in Seattle that is just near the Elliot Bay waterfront. It first opened in 1907, thus making it as one of the oldest farmers' markets in the US. Dubbed simply as The Market, this is located at the edge of a hill and there are numerous shops and restaurants here. This is the home of almost 500 residents with low income as they live at the 8 buildings in The Market. Other interesting facts are available in our articles about this acclaimed Pike Place Market.
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Deep Insight into Pike Place Market - Its Past & Future

Pike Place Market in Seattle has several bad and great experiences to millions of individuals. With over a hundred years operation, there are surely millions of individuals who have experienced purchasing commodities in this market and have experienced all the worst and good things that usually happen in a market.

Pike Place Market is also best for going on a night market especially if you and your partner are both busy or if you prefer to go on a market at night especially during hot weather. There are also activities and challenges that this market has to offer and this includes photo challenge and sharing memories of Pike Place Market.

This market has recently celebrated its one hundred year operation last August 2007. There are several photos and videos that have been uploaded plus there are several news and update that you can read about the celebration.

Pike Place Market also offers great places to shop after 6 in the evening. So, you can be pretty sure to have a place to go after office hours or after finishing your work. Most of the stores in this place are done operating after 6 in the evening and as a result people would rather call delivery services or rather shop online because they can't afford to sacrifice their time just looking for some stuffs.

This is actually a great advantage to Pike Place Market because more and more patrons are going inside and buying stuffs to their market. Anything that you need from wet commodities to dry, you can surely all have it through Pike Place Market.

Experience Pike Place Market Seattle

Seattle is not only home to great tourist attractions-it is also a place of great food. And the credit for producing the best meals should be given to Seattle's public market where you can buy fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and all things that you need to complete a delicious meal.

The Pike Place Market is Seattle's public market. It has a good view of the Elliot Bay making it one the more popular tourist destination in this part of Washington. Served foods in Seattle restaurants and Seattle hotels have the Pike Place Market to thank, giving them the freshest and the best ingredients in the city.

History of the Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market is in operation for ten deceases and still counting. Aside from the good food, it has given a certain culture to traders of Seattle as well as merchants from all over the country and in different countries. Because of the many interesting stories that surrounds every person making a living in the Pike Place Market, this busy part of Seattle is also referred to as the Soul of Seattle. You can learn more about the history of the Pike Market when you head to the Heritage Center on Western Avenue and get to know the market history of Seattle.

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Not only is the Pike Place Market a place for trading, it is also a venue for special trade events and sponsored events. It holds the Annual Sunset Supper and the Environment and Sustainability Series, among other events that the market holds.

Pike Place Market-Hours:

The first level of Pike Place Market is open from Mondays through Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. It is open from 11 am to 5 pm on Sundays. Its down under stores are open Mondays through Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

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Pike Place Market Address

Your travel to Seattle, WA would never be complete without stopping by at Pike Place Market. This amazing site is the oldest public farm market in America. What makes it a great place to hang around is its lively atmosphere along with the great view of Elliot Bay.



- Visiting Pike Place Market

Getting to this fun place is easy. Open seven days a week you won't have a problem about recognizing its presence in the Emerald state. Before visiting a certain Pike Place shop make sure to check your Seattle dining and shopping guide.

If you want more information about the market you can contact the Seattle's Preservation and Development Authority at 85 Pike Street, Room 500 or call them at (206) 682-7553.

- Pike Place Market address

This market is an address in itself. It is located at Pike Place, Seattle which is an easy place to locate. Being one of Seattle's prides, this historic market has become a popular destination among locals and visitors alike.

- Safer Routes to Pike Place Market

You don't want to get lost going to Pike Place. Therefore you should take some easy shortcuts to the place. You can get their safely via I-5 North, via I-5 south, or take Metro bus routes to the market.


Find Out About Pike Place Market Parking

Pike Place Market is one of the historic and quaint market places of Seattle. In sharp contrast to the glitzy shopping destinations of Seattle this sprawling market places would provide you an eclectic ambience with grocery and seafood shops as well as handicrafts shop. The Pike Place market was originally set up in 1907 as place for Seattle traders to buy who sale consumable goods but now it is preserved as a historic district.

Pike place area is always choc-a-bloc with tourists as well Seattle residents that is why sometimes it gets difficult to get a parking space near the market if you are driving there. There is a lot of website available in the internet which would provide you with detailed information about Pike Place Market parking options.

Glean info about Pike Place Parking Options from Pikeplace.org

You need not worry about Parking in and around Pike Place if you log into this website. This Public Market Parking Garage near Pike Place Market would provide you the opportunity to park your car at this historic district at an affordable price. You can avail special deals and offers if you park your car in the evening near some of the Market Restaurants. You can also avail the early bird offers if you park your car before 9. 30 am. So, with such great Seattle travel services visiting the historic Pike Place Market at Seattle would simply be a cakewalk for you.


Driving and Parking Directions for Pike Place Market from Seattletravel.com

If you are looking for driving and parking direction for Pike Place Market Seattle then seattletravel.com would be an ideal website for you. This informative website would furbish you with detailed information about how to drive down to Pike place and where to park your car.


Pike Place Market Restaurants

If you are looking for a great place to have your breakfast, lunch or dinner, then the Pike Place Market Restaurants are the best to pick for your meals. They are also close to some fine hotels Seattle that provide superb accommodation for your stay if you are a tourist in Seattle.

The Pike Place Restaurants are well known in Seattle for their fine cuisine. They are the perfect pick for a great meal in town, they are also the restaurants you can expect to find in this place predominant in seafood and French cuisine. Those that do not offer table service close before the dinnertime. The restaurants offer casual dining services as well as lighter meals. They are ideal for a great meal in the city.

What to expect from the restaurants

- Superb delicacy meals.

- Great service.

- Close to attractions such as shopping malls, the Pike Place Market, etc.

- Close to hotels for accommodation.

- Accessible by public transport

Check out the restaurants in the following links and get to enjoy the cuisine they have to offer.

Restaurants at Pike Place Market - Seattle


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