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Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle Washington is a public park that is along the Elliot Bay waterfront north of Belltown. It has a long bicycle and walking path where one can spot eagles, gulls and crows. Its natural appeal is what draws tourists to this spot. Myrtle Edwards Park original name was Elliot Bay Park but it was renamed after the late city councilwoman Myrtle Edwards withdrew her name from Gas Works Park. This happened in 1976. Despite recent construction of the Seattle Art Museum, the Myrtle Edwards park is still an attractive place to conduct events. Check our articles on Myrtle Edwards Park in order to find out more.
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Top Reasons Why Myrtle Edwards Park is Popular with Bicyclists and Pedestrians

Myrtle Edward Park liked by bicyclists and pedestrian at most. Why??? Well all credit goes to its environment or you could say the aura of the park automatically attracts most of the bicyclist and pedestrians.

- Myrtle Edwards Park is a great way to spend any day. The main reason behind the liking of bicyclist and pedestrian of Myrtle Edward Park is that you can enjoy whatever you want to do within park. Either you run, blade, fish, walk, bike, play at pebble beach, watch boats, enjoy picnic or the view of Alki Beach, find unreal images in the sea or cloud, enjoy the rose garden, a few pull-ups, do some sit-ups, talk to other visitors or just appreciate life every thing is just fine.

- Myrtle Edwards park track goes parallel with the Elliot Bay track inside Myrtle Edwards Park. The trail can be approached from lots of points all beside the way and is divided into different subdivision for pedestrians and for wheels. Here both the tracks are contracted but pleasing.

- Moreover the incredible scenic beauty of the Mount Rainier, Olympics Mountains, Puget Sound, easy entrance from city center and relation to bike pathway to Magnolia also makes it popular with bicyclist and pedestrians.

- The Park remains open for 24 hours so you can enjoy walking and cycling any time and that's the plus point.

So, now you know why the Myrtle Edward Park is popular with bicyclist, pedestrian and all other. Then what are you doing her?? Move out to the park for a enjoyable walk or cycling or whatever you wish to do.

What's Special about Seattle Myrtle Edwards Park

Everyone would want to have a great time during his or her vacation. The city of Seattle, Washington has several exciting tourist attractions and activities. One of the places that vacation seekers like to frequent is the Myrtle Edwards Park. There are several things that make this park so special.

Cool Ambience

The city can get very hot especially during summers. However, this should not dampen your vacation spirits because the Myrtle Edwards Park provides a cool and very peaceful getaway. You can enjoy a picnic with your family or you can take a nature walk down the park.

Lots of Fun filled Activities

The activities in this pack are exciting and refreshing. You can take part in biking, boating, trekking and even fishing if you like.

Museums and Festivals

The park is home to the Seattle Art Museum. It also hosts most of the festivals in Seattle. The Seattle Hempfest is one of the most thrilling festivals that are hosted here.

When you book yourself a room in any Seattle WA hotel, make sure that you also get a travel guide that has all the information about various attractions and in particular, the Myrtle Edwards Park.

Myrtle Edwards Park Seattle

Myrtle Edwards Park Seattle to the north of Pier 70 lies this Elliott Bay water front park. The 1.25 mile long path provides wonderful opportunity for walking/jogging, cycling and skating. Viewing the Olympic Mountains or watching the sunset holding hand in hand on this stretch is an attraction in itself for the romantic couple. Access to Downtown is easy too. Earlier, the park was known as the Gas Works Park. The public fishing pier can engage visitors interested in fishing and to make things easier, there is a small shop vending bait and snacks.

The walking path is not shaded and therefore, it is a good idea to bring your hats along, particularly if you are bringing the kids along. There are two other parks in the immediate vicinity which means you can plan to spend the better part of a whole day in these surroundings if you care to.

If you happen to be visiting Seattle in the month of July, tune in to 4th of July because that is the day when the Ivar's-a long standing seafood chain in Seattle will puts up their fireworks show. Myrtle Park offers the best viewing spot for the fire works and the show is worth your rescheduling the trip to Seattle when it comes close by. Once you get the dates under control reserve your hotels Seattle WA in good time to avoid disappointment.

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