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There are hotels in Seattle that you can choose from. You will not have a hard time in doing so. But do not be overwhelmed. You have to check out the amenities as well as the additional services that you can get by staying in that specific hotel. There are different landmarks, tourist spots and restaurants in Seattle. Tourists plan their itinerary starting from the hotel they stay in to their activities for the day. This is a deciding factor on which hotel to stay in. If you want to know more about hotels, you can always rely on our articles.
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Some Essential Facts about Five Star Luxury Hotels in Seattle

Seattle, one of the major tourist destinations in the United States has a plethora of five-star luxury hotels. These hotels are renowned for their outstanding hospitality and services as well as world class amenities.

Most of these luxury hotels are located in and around the city's downtown district, which is considered to be the heartbeat of the city with restaurants, shopping centers, bars and nightclubs and other recreational venues close by.

There are also some excellent four and five star hotels in the neighborhoods of Seattle including Belltown, Georgetown, Madison Valley and University District, among others that are a little cheaper. However, it is up to you to select the locality based on your convenience as by staying in a downtown luxury hotel, you can save much time and money in checking out most of the tourist places that are close to the city center.

Another specialty of luxury hotels in Seattle is that they are spacious and the room sizes are relatively bigger than many hotels in other cities and are also well-equipped and furnished. At the same time, before you book a five star luxury hotel in Seattle, learn the tax structure.

At present, the city hotels levy a 9 percent sales tax and a 7 percent extra service tax. This means that you have to pay a total tax amounting to 16 percent on your hotel rooms. Restaurants in Seattle charge 5 percent extra on food and beverages.

For hotel booking, you can contact the Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau at or go to the hotel website and book a room.

Camlin Hotel Seattle-What a Wonderful Hotel

The Camlin hotel lies in the midst of the downtown Seattle which is not far because one can takea walk to the best Seattle. It is only a block far from the Washington State convention center. This is one of the most pleasing hotels in Seattle WA of the times with decorated rooms with 12 limited edition suites that are similar to the ones in the European Hotels.

1. Information

This has been a destination for quite a number of travelers and they have always granted it very wonderful comments based on the services available and the nature and structure of this hotel. If you would like to make reservations, you can save a lot on the process since booking can be done online.;label=seattle-3KEFOAHavxaQt_jualxvdQS2689361571;ws=&gclid=CKqYy6DUlZ0CFcQB4wod8j242g

2. Popular attractions

As you are in the Camlin Hotel for your vacation, you can as well visit other different places which are wonderful for attractions and they include the Space needle; from here you can get a 360m degree view of the Emerald city, Pike Place Market; This is one of the most famous markets in the world and much is done here including shopping for fresh food products like fish, flowers vegetables, fruits and so on.

What makes Alexis Hotel Seattle WA a good choice

Anyone who has traveled abroad for business or pleasure will have used the Internet to research on the kind of hotels available at their destination. In the USA narrowing down a luxury hotel that is worth you money can be quite a task. In a city like Seattle where one can lose count of the number of luxury hotels around, selecting one can be unnerving.

Among the several Seattle hotels on offer, the Alexis Hotel is worth your time. You can take a look at its offerings at

1. What are luxury boutique hotels?

Boutique hotels are usually smaller than their regular hotel counterparts and more often than not offer luxurious settings for their customers. The clientele they entertain at a given time is smaller and personalized care is given to each. You will be better able to understand them at

2. How to select the right hotel for you?

One the first things you need to do when thinking of finding yourself a hotel:

- Is an online scan of all the hotels in Seattle.

- Narrow down on those in the location that best suits your needs.

- Do a price comparison and see which one best suits you budget.

- Make your reservation well ahead of time to ensure that you don't miss out a good opportunity.

3. Recommended websites for reviews on Alexis Hotel

Below is a list of major websites offering reviews on the Alexis Hotel.