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Downtown Seattle is the center of businesses in the city. Although this is not as large as the other city centers in the United States, this is packed with attractions, shops, restaurants and other businesses. Downtown is the best option for shopping as it has over 2000 retailers and stores. Among the major shopping centers here are Bay Pavilion, Fisher Plaza, Pacific Place, Rainier Square and Pike Place Market. Downtown is the main financial asset of Seattle as provided by the immense shopping area. Learn how you can save money and time while around Downtown Seattle through our original articles.
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Where is the Best Pizza Downtown Seattle

Pizza is undoubtedly America's favorite food. No matter where you go, you will find a pizza parlor that satisfies the hunger of every American who craves for hot pizza. It's hot and delicious as well as easy to eat. No need for fancy plates and spoon to enjoy and get full.

A Seattle travel can best be enjoyed with pizza on your hand. If you are going on a Seattle travel and want to know where to get the best pizza in the Downtown area then you will find this list helpful:

- The Pasta Bar

This had been getting good reviews from customers. Located in 1530 Post Alley Downtown Seattle, this place should be known as the Pizza bar because of their amazing pizza.

Take a look at this review:

- MOD Super Fast Pizza

Super fast and super tasty without burning a hole in your pocket! Located at Downtown Seattle in 1302 6th Ave, getting there is longer than getting a pizza.

Check out customers review on Mod Super Fast Pizza:

- Atlantic Street Pizza

They say that this is Seattle's best kept secret. Their Downtown Seattle store opens from Monday to Friday 10 am - 4:30 pm.

Take a look at their official website and discover the secret:

What do the Downtown Dog Lounge Seattle Offer

Downtown Seattle Dog Lounge Seattle is where your pet can be taken care of. DDL specialize in dog training, grooming, daycare and boarding. These services are offered 7 days a week with 24 hours surveillance by our dog trainers.


1. Overnight boarding and daycare:

If your dog has become a nuisance to you and your neighbors, bring to DDL where your dog will be helped to socialize better with other dogs. Also if you will be away from you dog for an overnight, bring it to DDL for an overnight boarding.

2. In house veterinarian

You don't have to interrupt your busy schedule to take your dog to a clinic. All you need is to make an appointment with DDL where they can coordinate all the treatment your dog may be needing on your behave.

3. Dog training and obedience

Don't let your dog developed bad behaviors, talk to DDL and they will train your dog to restrain from bad manners before they developed to into a habit. Some of the training lessons that your dog will undergo include, expectations and loose leash walking exercise, basic obedience and Puppy 101.


Reservations are available in any of the Seattle Hotel reservations.

Which Hotels Offer Good Suites Downtown Seattle

When you visit a new city, be within or outside your country, accommodation is the first thing that you search for. In case Seattle is the next destination that you are planning to visit and you want to stay in a place downtown, then this travel guide would prove to be of great help to you. Here, we have listed some of the best hotels offering suits in downtown Seattle. Just go through the following lines and decide on the hotels that suits your needs the most.

For Tourists

If you are a tourist, you will find Hampton Inn & Suites as one of the best places for your stay. It is located close to Seattle's famous attractions, like Space Needle, Experience Music Project, and the Pacific Science Center. You can also consider 'Embassy Suites Seattle, with a large number of attractions located hardly a couple of minutes away.

For Business Travelers

In case your Seattle trip is meant to do business, then Marriott SpringHill Suites, situated within walking distance of Westlake Center and Convention Center, is one of the best bets. Then, there is Homewood Suites, which is situated hardly a couple of blocks away from some of the most significant businesses and corporations in the city.

For Shopping Lovers

For all the shopping lovers visiting Seattle city in Washington, this Seattle travel guide suggests Quality Inn & Suites, with Pacific Place and Westlake Center shopping centers located nearby. Hyatt at Olive 8 is another such hotel that is close to the main markets in Seattle and proves to be one of the best options for shoppers.

Guide to Parking Downtown Seattle

The city of Seattle has more than 12,000 paid parking spaces primarily in the downtown area of Seattle and the business districts in the neighborhood. The Seattle department of transportation aims to optimize the space turnover through this facility, particularly when the time-limit signs by themselves do not produce the desired turnover. Presently this city operates a 3 tiered parking system taking into consideration the demand, transport conditions and land use in specific areas. For a detailed overview of the Seattle downtown parking rates, you can move over to


Short term parking in Pioneer Square, Waterfront, Retail District, Financial District, Bell town, Denny Triangle, China Town/International district is set at $2.50 per hour.

In Uptown, South Lake Union, Broadway, Pike-Pine, First Hill, Ballard and the University District, the short term parking rate per hour is $2 and the long term parking costs $1.25 per hour.

In Providence, West Lake Ave North, Roosevelt, 12th Ave, Green Lake and Fremont short term parking is $1.50 while long term parking is $0.75 per hour.

Unexpired time can be reused at another pay station, but a 2 hour receipt can be reused only at another 2 hour metered pay station. Similar rule would apply for the higher receipts too. Cash as well as credit/debit cards are valid payment modes. You should not leave your vehicle parked without a valid receipt.

Monday through Saturday, the parking stations operate from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm while purchasing parking can be done as early as 4.0 am and will take effect from 8.0 am. Some areas have restricted parking hours. All Sundays and certain other days in each month qualify for free parking. You can get finer details from the web sites mentioned above.

While the details above relate to public parking, Seattle hotels provide their own parking and some of them are free too. And while in Seattle be extremely careful about J walking. When you see the 'Don't walk' signal at intersections stay put at the kerb or else you could be ticketed for as much as $100.0. Read more about this at