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Downtown, Seattle is the center of business in all the districts in the city. There are several attractions here and interesting places to visit and this is why there are also numerous Downtown Seattle hotels. Among them are the Sheraton Seattle Hotel, The Westin Seattle, Pan Pacific Seattle and the Red Lion Hotel. The latter is located at the Fifth Avenue and has 20 floors. This is just near the 5th Avenue Theater. Hotel 1000 is also one of the hotels in downtown Seattle. To learn more about this hotel and the others in this particular city center in Seattle.
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Downtown Seattle Hotels

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Up to Date Info about Discount Hotels in Downtown Seattle - Create a Nice Budget-Friendly Vacation

Planning a trip to Seattle, be it a holiday trip or business trip, we try to stay downtown. Most of the hotels and restaurants in downtown area are very costly, and that makes us search for the best possible deals on hotels in downtown Seattle. It always makes us happy if we can make the stay less costly for us.

Your nice budget-friendly vacation depends on your choice of hotels. There are hotels in Seattle downtown region, those offer the same facilities and amenities offered by the high end five star hotels, at least the facilities that are really required for a good stay.

When you are in for business, you can always get some hotels like the Western Executive Inn or Days Inn, which offer good discount on rates and also have the best business suites with all facilities like conference room, fax services and internet.

Are you on a family trip to Seattle? You have many other local attractions and tourist spots in and around the Seattle city to spend your money for more fun and excitement. You have discount rates on hotels from different agencies that have tie up with the specific hotels. We can choose the agent after having good research over prices and comparing them. Many discount hotels are a mile or two from the heart of downtown Seattle region. Many website portals also have information about the various hotels that are offering discount rates, along with facility/amenities info of the hotels. Western Loyal Inn, Western Loyal, Guesthouse Inn are some noteworthy hotels.

What are the Benefits of Staying in Downtown Hotel Seattle

Of course with all the jet lag, the very tense trip and the very comprehensive seminar; you really need sufficient time to unwind. The many excellent hotels in Seattle Washington will become, probably, the sole source of relief considering the much perked up accommodation and meals.

1. What are the incredible upsides for staying at these downtown hotels?

- You will actually get the best view of the waterfront as a means to get out all the stressful experiences of the day.

- With all the rush hour common in Washington, downtown hotels create a reprieve; in fact you can walk without the sometimes undesirable cabs.

- The dining experience is basically out of this planet, the sumptuous meals, the fluffy beddings and very excellent staff relations are just but a small token of the whole dining experience.

2. Why you need to experience the downtown hotels of Seattle

More often than not the many other hotels don't give the best service commensurate to the expectations of the client. Not so with the Seattle downtown hotels that have somehow learnt the trick to give abundantly more than the client asks for.

How to Find Nice Hotels in Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is surrounded with beautiful landscapes and scenic views that would definitely leave you in awe. Tagged as the Emerald City of Seattle, you would be delighted with its blue waters and volcanic peaks that surround this prime metropolitan area. It is no wonder why tourists go to Downtown Seattle year in and year out. As the tourism jumps up, hotels in Seattle WA also begin to prosper and open its doors to travelers from all walks of life.

How to find hotels in Downtown Seattle?

By far, the best place that you can go to when you want to find the nice hotels in Downtown Seattle is by logging online and browsing the Internet. You can find a number of sites that offer hotel reviews and customer testimonials that you can find useful when picking a hotel in Downtown Seattle.

Downtown Seattle Hotels Reviews

Information and directory of Downtown Seattle Hotels

  • You can also find it very useful to talk to your travel agency and booking agents if you want to find good hotels in Downtown Seattle. You can request for recommendations and suggestions on specific hotel types that you want. You can ask for romantic and honeymoon suites or something that you and your entire family can stay in.
  • Word of the mouth is another good way of finding nice hotels in Downtown Seattle. Nothing beats the suggestion from your friends and family members who already experienced staying in Downtown Seattle hotels. You are assured to get honest reviews from them.

More tips:

If you want to find prime hotels in Downtown Seattle, look for a hotel near tourist attractions and business area. You can get big discounts with these hotels if you book early or chance on their promo discounts that you can find online.