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Beacon Hill is a hill and a neighborhood that is located in Southeast Seattle. The municipal government is what divides the North Beacon Hill from the Mid Beacon Hill and Holly Park from South Beacon Hill. This is where is located. The Seattle Division of the Department of Veterans Affair is also located there. Other landmarks located in Beacon Hill are the Puget Sound Health Care System and Elliot Bay, First Hill, Rainier Valley and the Industrial District. Tourists go to Beacon Hill simply because they know that there are lots of tourist spots to go to. Learn more about it from our guide articles.
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Beacon Hill is situated near southeast Seattle, Washington. It is municipally divided into North, Mid, South Beacon Hill and Holly Park but the local people call it Beacon Hill. The north Beacon Hill contains many excellent bungalows with lot of craftsman skill put into them. The nearby neighbourhoods of Beacon Hill are SoDo, Columbia City, Downtown Seattle, First Hill, Georgetown, Judkins Park, Mount Baker, First Hill, etc.

This place is for its particular landmarks and institutions. The most popular one being the Pacific Medical Center which is situated on Beacon Hill's northern tip. It was formerly a marine hospital but now it has been given on lease to Next attraction is the Jefferson Park which is known for golf, bowling and its beautiful and large open space. This park was planned for the state university use. It was also a site of a pest house or in other words an isolation hospital. But now it offers a wonderful experience of a community center, playfield and green lawn.

The other interesting places are Comet lodge cemetery which was established in 1895 and stands in the east of Interstate 5. Whereas Dr. Jose Rizal Park, El Centro de la Raza, Beacon Hill First Baptist Church, The Frank D. Black property, Sound Transit Light Rail whose service runs between Seattle and Seattle Tacoma International Airport, Cheasty Greenbelt Trail and the Seattle Public Library include the other worth watching landmarks and institutions.

Beacon Hill in Seattle WA

If you are sick and tired of staying at hotels in Seattle, then you might just want to consider moving out of your comfort zone and getting to explore some of the neighbourhoods in Seattle. Of course this only makes sense if you are planning to stay here for the longer term, but nothing prevents you from just going down to a place like Beacon Hill just to explore!

1. Headquarters of the bookstore to the world

One of the most famous resident's of Beacon Hill (if one can term the corporate headquarters of an organization a resident) is Amazon. The company has been headquartered in Beacon Hill for the longest time and continues to remain a staunch favourite of visitors who want to check out what it looks like. If you happen to be around the neighbourhood, maybe you too could check it out and what's more! Get a photograph clicked right by the main lobby!

2. Interesting trivia

Did you know that Beacon Hill in Seattle was named thus after the original Beacon Hill in Boston Massachusetts? Or that the northern part of Beacon hill has some of the finest, still standing examples of what has architecturally come to be termed as 'Seattle Box Houses'? Of that the place, which was once known as Boeing Hill, is now predominantly populated by Asian immigrants? Well, you can discover a lot of interesting fact like these on the Wikipedia site.,_Seattle

3. The view from the Outside in

What better way to discover a place than to have its long term residents tell you all the secrets? Well, that is exactly what this website does. It brings together actual people who live in Beacon Hill and they share secrets about their favourite stores, tucked away delicatessens, secret locations and the like with you. Might make your actual trip that much more interesting!

Beacon Hill Library Seattle

The Beacon Hill Library in Seattle serves the community in Beacon Hill but as a visitor to the area, you can make use of the library probably for some research. If you need to use the library for reference, studying or meeting, the best would be to choose hotels in Seattle WA that are near the library so you could be near.

1. Beacon Hill Library collection

The collection at this public library comprises of;

- Books

- DVDs and CDs

- e-books

- online music and videos

- online reference resources

- special collections

2. Benefits of the Library

Beacon Hill Library promotes the community through availing informational resources. There are also events at the library specially designed for various age groups. You will find events for children, teens and adults as well as classes for the same. There are meetings and study rooms available you could take advantage of.

3. Beacon Hill Library Seattle location

Beacon Hill Library is found on 2821 Beacon Ave S between S 17th Ave and Forest St in Seattle, WA 98144. You can use the Metro Transit to get you to the library specifically routes 36, 38 and 60.