Lodging Options in Seattle
Considering that Seattle is out of the ordinary, it has more of the upscale hotels than the budget category accommodation. Make an informed choice and you are bound to be happy. Consider condos for longer durations.
Best Entertainment & Lodging in Seattle
A wide range of options are available to the locals as well as visitors to Seattle. While there are different venues spread across the city, staying closer to the Bellevue will keep you close to many entertainment venues. Your options include Silver Cloud Inn Bellevue downtown, Sheraton Hotel, Bellevue and Embassy Suites Bellevue.
Seattle News Media
The news media needs of Seattle is well serviced by Newspapers, magazines, TV and radio.
Seattle Must-See Attractions
Museum Tour in Seattle
Seattle offers some30 museums for the locals and visitors to explore. Barring a few of the museums, the rest are set apart from each other across the city and its neighborhoods. Hotel accommodation in Downtown Seattle is considered convenient to explore all the museums.
Indoor Attractions in Seattle
Seattle offers plenty of indoor activities, particularly for children. Mini golf, interactive museums, Kidz Bounce, Pump it Up Shankz Black miniature golf and more are among the options. Community centers spread across the city make up the majority of indoor activities.
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Visitors to Seattle can choose from a long list of over 400 parks to relax and enjoy nature. Apart from the parks, opportunities for water sports are also aplenty. Swimming/boating are among the other activities you can consider.
Seattle Communities
Capitol Hill, Greenlake, Magnolia, Queen Anne, Fremont and Ravenna are among the most visited Seattle neighborhoods. Check out the Freemont Abbey or Freemont Chamber of commerce.
Seattle Accommodations
For the discerning visitor, Seattle offers a variety of accommodations. Though fewer in numbers, you can get a budget category accommodation under the $50 mark.
Seattle Transportation
Getting around Seattle can be achieved by various means. Bus, Shuttle service, Train, Mono rail, Street car, Ferries, ships and boats, Cars/taxis and motorhomes are the options available.
Seattle Area Information
Seattle is an ideal place for excellent work-life balance. Affordable health care, quality schooling and diverse life styles are among the hall mark of Seattle.
Outdoors Attractions in Seattle
There is plenty to do in Seattle outdoors. The Seattle Waterfront, Seattle Aquarium, and the Victoria falls are at the top of the list of some 300 activities/attractions. Staying closer to the Space Needle on Broad street is convenient to explore several attractions. Best Western Executive Inn, Travelodge by the Space Needle are among the options.
Shopping in Seattle
You can enjoy wonderful shopping experience all over Seattle. Focus on Pioneer square for a comprehensive shopping and dining experience.
Seattle Sports Teams
Seattle enjoys professional representation in Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and Ice hockey. Look for an ongoing event when you are there.
Things to Do in Seattle
In Seattle, you have a whole lot of things to do. The museums, theme parks, water sports, horse back riding, sports and all that. But, the Space needle should be your top priority.
Seattle Cultural Tour
Seattle culture is booming despite the economic downturn. With nearly 30 professional theater companies, 16 symphony orchestras, 18 major museums, and some 200 private art galleries, visitors have plenty to enjoy and explore.
Business Trip in Seattle
Business travelers to Seattle can choose from over 125 hotels offering world class business amenities. Many of these are in the 3 star category and located closer to the airport. University Inn, and Doubletree Arctic Club hotel are among the options.
Seattle Education
Education takes the front seat in Seattle more because it is also the hi-tech city. It is also the seat of famous Universities such as University of Washington and the Seattle University.