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At Seattle Hotels, we do not believe that travelers like to be confronted with tons of services without the basic knowledge of what they are going to get.

We also don't think short, even fraud reviews from others can be of any valuable help for you to choose the service.

That is why Seattle Hotel has been putting every effort in offering insightful, interesting articles that can

1) walk the traveler through the options
2) help pick up sparkling ideas, and finally help
3) reach a conclusive idea of the service

All articles are based on through research and first-hand traveler's experience in Seattle. We cannot guarantee a pure objectivity of the opinions, because we don't want that. Feeling strong preferences through reading has a better chance for readers to get an extensive picture of the service, and is easier for them to find similar interests with the authors.

Traveling and/or booking a hotel for your stay is not so simple as checking and clicking "Book it". The traveler has more interest in knowing what the stay or the tour to Seattle would eventually bring, taking into consideration of its attraction adjacency, transportation difficulty degree, and of course, the level of fun.

That is a reason more than perfect to urge us to provide articles that explore ALL the fun in Seattle, and exactly how to enjoy to the FULLEST. Considering Seattle has a fabulous line of extraordinary hotels like Seattle Cheap Hotels, Best Hotels Seattle, and Seattle Smoking Hotels, you certainly want to be fully prepared and not missing any of them. Don't you?

Be a savvy traveler, and also be a smart Netizen. Use our tags to quickly locate the topics you are interested in, or simple subscribe to our RSS feed to grab the latest goodies in Seattle through your favorite feed reader.

When the foundation is thick, it's truly easy as a snap to build up your perfect travel experience and memorable stay.

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